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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Fiduciary Trust; The Fire Drill, Warren Buffett, and Kean

On the morning of 9-11, Fiduciary Trust was running an emergency drill on 9/11. This story seemed to not be much of a smoking gun at first. After all, we were just talking about the 97th floor, right? Total coincidence. Well, it just so happens that NY Times was wrong. Markus Allen (Known here as TruthSleuth), the man behind the audios at Truth In 7 Minutes, discovered from talking to a family who knew someone who worked in the World Trade Center. They said that she came to the buildingbefore 8:00, but was not allowed in because of a fire drill. The fire drill is discussed in this audio. It just so happens that Fiduciary Trust took a direct hit during the attacks.

The CEO of Fiduciary Trust, Anne Tatlocke, a trustee of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (Alongside James A. Baker III. Howard Hughes Medical Institute alsoemployed Don C. Wiley, one of the 11 microbiologists that died within five months of one another), was not present during all of this. She was invited to a “Charity Event” hosted by Warren Buffett (Who has other connections to 9-11) at Offutt Air Force Base, the headquarters of US Strategic Command, one of the bases involved in the Global Guardian exercise, and the place where President Bush would arrive at 3:07 PM.

Why didn’t the 9-11 Commission investigate the fire drill? Thomas Kean, the head of the Commission, had long served as a director of Fiduciary Trust. He is now adirector of Franklin Templeton Investments, the parent company of Fiduciary Trust. It will be interesting for us to look at the other interesting names on the boards of Fiduciary Trust.


Executive Committee

James C. Goodfellow (Former Managing Director at JP Morgan)

Henry P. Johnson (Held roles at JP Morgan and the Skull&Bones-linked Blackstone Group, Yale Graduate)

Gail E. Cohen (Member of Rockefeller University, Member of Anti-Defamation League)

Lucius L. Fowler (Spent 12 years at JP Morgan)

Senior Officers

Elizabeth J. Hughes (FBI/Intel)

Michael M. Mariani (Taught at the Roman Catholic St. John’s University)

Craig S. Richards (Jesuit-trained at Saint Peter’s College)

Charles D. Troiano (Trained at the Roman Catholic St. John’s University)

Regional Officers

Teresa V-F Weintraub (Jesuit-trained at Boston College)

Business Development

Lucius L. Fowler (Spent 12 years at JP Morgan)

Kurt A. Brimberry (Former high-ranking Bank Of America official)

Michael A. Cabanas (Worked for JP Morgan)

Jane-Scott Cantus (Former adviser to Morgan Stanley)

Peter A. Carnathan (Jesuit-trained at Loyola College, Serves on the Loyola College Capital Campaign Committee)

J. Christopher Felchlin (Former Citigroup director, Former US Navy Commander)

Theodore P. Klingos (Worked for Citigroup, Fidelity Investments, duPont, Chase Manhattan Bank)

Ellen Kratzer (Worked for Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.)

Xavier Martinez (Serves on the Governance Board of the Belen Jesuit Preparatory Alumni Association)

Wendy J. Mills Gross (Worked for Morgan Stanley and Fidelity Investments)

George J. Mullen, Jr. (Former military)

John J. Pettenati (Jesuit-trained at Fordham University, Member of the board of visitors of Fordham College)

Thomas F. Shevlin (Worked for JP Morgan)

Investment Management

Jonathan G. Hatch (Worked for JP Morgan)

Bruce T. Hyland (Worked for Chase Manhattan Bank)

William E. Leffingwell, Jr. (Former Director of Riggs Bank)

Maria A. Losquadro (Trained at the Roman Catholic St. John’s University)

Joseph C. Portillo (Rotary Club member)

Carl A. Scaturo (Worked for Citibank)

Spencer C. Smith (Worked for Riggs Bank, Yale Graduate)

Trust & Estate

Gail E. Cohen (Member of Rockefeller University, Member of Anti-Defamation League)

Michael M. Mariani (Taught at the Roman Catholic St. John’s University)

Julie Min Chayet (Jesuit-trained at Fordham University)


So, a company with strong links to the elite schedules and runs a fire drill on 9-11, causing people to be restricted from entering the building before 8:00. The CEO of the company, connected with James A. Baker III and Don C. Wiley, is out of the building that day for a strange party, hosted by Warren Buffett, at an important military base involved in the 9-11 war games that will be where Bush will land at 3:07. Fiduciary Trust will take a direct hit. The 9/11 Commission, headed by a former director of Fiduciary Trust and a director of it’s parent company, will not look into the fire drill. Now that this smoking gun has just come to light, it must be exposed. It is a carefully covered-up fact and the perpetrators would rather it stayed buried.