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"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of darkness."

The Last Gasp Of A Monetary System. Hyperinflation.

Hyperinflation chaos

Hyperinflation occurs when the purchasing power of money is declining on a day-to-day basis. Think Zimbabwe, where the currency necessary to buy anything was first in the thousands, then the millions, then the billions, then the trillions. Think Weimar Republic, where the story goes, someone left a wheelbarrow full of cash outside the store. Someone stole the wheelbarrow and left the cash sitting there. This is where America now seems to be heading, and it is going to have some consequences around the world.

During the months of September and October alone, just in anticipation of the Fed’s Quantitative Easing announcement, cotton prices rose 54%, corn prices rose by 29%, soybean prices rose by 22%, orange juice rose by 17%, and sugar prices rose by 51%! Wheat prices are also up by 36% since the beginning of July! These commodity price rises are about to reflect themselves in the prices you will see in the supermarket.

With the Federal Reserve’s new Quantitative Easing program dubbed “QE2” the American people – and any government or people that hold US Bonds or US Dollars – are being effectively taxed by an unelected group of international bankers who do not have to give account to the people for their actions. When the FED “buys US treasuries – i.e bonds” in massive quantities, it is the same as “printing money out of thin air”. They use “money” they just “created” by an act of will to do it. The rest of us have to work for money – but they just create for themselves whatever they want and then charge interest on it, which taxpayers of course have to pay.

Of course, this makes the money that already exists worth less – and ultimately, as this course continues, the money becomes “worthless”.

If “Money” is your god, consider finding a better one. Ancient pagans used to craft idols out of wood and stone and bow down to them and ask them for help. Today’s god – money – comes out of a printing press or out of a computer. Can such a “god” really save you? Can’t you see that the true God, who gave us all things to richly enjoy, is grieved when we turn away from Him to man-made things as our security in life?


Part of the JUDGEMENT you and I will see will come in the form of HIGHER PRICES, SHORTAGES and MORE GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION.

I would recommend calling upon the name of Jesus. Get into His Kingdom because the Kingdoms of this world, and your place in them, are both very shaky propositions.

Economic chaos


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