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Tucson – The 2nd Gunman

On a Saturday morning, January 8, 2011, US Reprentative Gabrielle Giffords(D-AZ) and her staff had set up tables outside a ‘Safeway’ supermarket, located at a shopping center in Tucson, Arizona, to meet with her constituents.

At about 10:00am, a man suddenly pulled a pistol and shot the congresswoman in the head, and then commenced shooting at her staff and the citizens who had come to the event.

Six people where killed, and up to a 13 others were wounded.

-Christina Greene, 9, a student at Mesa Verde Elementary
-Dorthy Morris, 76
-John Roll, 63, a federal district court judge.
-Phyllis Schneck, 79
-Dorwin Stoddard, 76, a pastor at Mountain Ave. Church of Christ
-Gabriel Zimmerman, 30, Giffords’ director of community outreach

Ron Barber, 65, Deputy Director of congresswoman’s staff
Bill Badger, 74 graing wound in back of head
Kenneth Dorushka, 63
James Fuller, 63
Randy Gardner, 60
U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords(D-AZ), 40, shot through head, either from back or front
Susan Hileman, 58
George Morris, 76, husband of Dorothy
Mary Reed, 52
Pam Simon, 63, staff
Mavanell Stoddard, 75, wife of Dorwin
James Tucker, 58
Kenneth Veeder, 75
The shooter was subdued when he stopped to change the magazine in his weapon. He was identified as Jared Lee Loughner, 22, a local resident who appears to suffer mental problems.

Loughner used a Glock 19, a semiautomatic pistol, that was found with a fully loaded magazine that held about 30 bullets. He had another magazine that held about 30 bullets and two others that each held about 15 bullets. He also was carrying a knife. He legally purchased the 9 mm handgun on Nov. 30, 2010 at a Sportsman’s Warehouse in Tucson.

The usual ‘lone nut’ hypothesis was quickly trotted out:…-shooting-investigation/
The federal law enforcement source cautioned that the investigation is not even a day old, but said investigators’ working theory is that Loughner acted alone and that there is no evidence so far that suggests the shooting spree was a conspiracy involving one or more individuals.
Yet there was evidence, from early media sources, that indicated another person may have been involved:


“The gunman, Jared Lee Loughner was tackled to the ground by two men and is now in custody. Investigators were “actively in pursuit” of a second man whom they believe may be involved in the attempted assassination, said Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik on Saturday night, according to CNN

Police have one suspect in custody, 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner, whom they believe was the gunman. Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik said authorities believe another individual may have been involved. “We’re not convinced he acted alone,” Dupnik said of the suspect in custody. “There’s some reason to believe that he came to this location with another individual.”
“Police arrest man near Thornydale and Magee Roads who is suspected of being connected to the shooting of Giffords and others. A third man is being sought.”
Pima County Sheriff’s Deputy Rich Kastigar told reporters that a rifle with an extended magazine was found at the scene of the shooting spree..
[Official version says pistol was used.]

…one official said the attack was carried out with an automatic weapon.
[This pistol was a semi-automatic]

(eyewitness)Rayle was just on Fox. He said another witness saw a young man dashing away from the scene. He doesn’t think Loughner acted alone.

“Some witnesses told LE… that they thought there was someone was with him… it looked like he was acting with someone….”…esswoman-shot-in-arizona
Giffords was talking to a couple when the suspect ran up firing indiscriminately and then ran off, (Peter)Michaels said. According to other witnesses, he was tackled by a bystander and taken into custody.

911 call transcript(
911: Was somebody shot then sir?
Caller 1: Yes… He just started firing. And then he ran.
911: Which way did he run?
Caller 1: He ran north past the Walgreens that’s right next to the Safeway.

His gov’t handler with the baseball cap that every eyewitness saw magically disappeared and was forgotten.
There were quite a few references to someone shooting at the gunman, though officially this didn’t happen:

..we have… several reports of a gun fight with a second gunman

The news I have been watching said other people in the crowd opened fire on the gunman.…oting.html#ixzz1AWKttvKL
There is a report that one individual in the crowd was carrying a concealed firearm and managed to bring it to bear in an effort to stop Loughner from committing further violence.

…they just reported the gunman WAS SHOT, and is in custody.…ounded-in-shooting?ps=rs
Multiple news reports now that the shooter is in custody and may have been wounded.

…also reporting return fire from a second (or third) source

Shep Smith Fox News – Someone in the crowd shot at gunman.…ot-shot-by-defender-in-c
A person in the crowd shot at Gifford and a person in the crowd shot back at the gunman.



The original “Second Suspect” sought by police was “mistakenly” a cab driver who drove Jared to the scene of the crime.How ever no interview or statement has been given by this person, nor has any name or indentity been published of this supposed ‘Taxi Driver’

This raises red flags as an army of such highly competitive reporters dispatched to Tuscon to uncover the story, completely ignore the”last eye witness testimony”

Here’s a scenario…

It seems that the initial reports of the “2nd suspect” might have accidently slipped into the media by mistake. So doing what they do best, the major media would smear the story and introduce this mysterious cab driver to dilute the eye witness testimony even more.





As the media swirls this story deeper and deeper down the dense rabbit hole that is confusion and speculation. There are a few extra tidbits of the story that have come out which raises eye brows among all of the people skepticle of the events that took place.

Federal involvement
The NBC affiliate in Tucson reports that the FBI has taken over the investigation.

Contact with military
“The Army has confirmed that the suspect… attempted to enlist in the Army but was rejected for service.”

Prior contact with LE…inged-made-threats?ps=rs
“As we understand it, there have been law enforcement contacts with the individual where he made threats to kill,” Dupnik said during a press conference Saturday evening.

Delayed response
Initial reports had emergency crews treating five to seven people at the scene; authorities said later the tally was much higher because some of the wounded took themselves to the hospital.
[The EMTs were cleared to pick up victims at the scene up to 40 minutes later.]

Mind Control
Loughner used the term ‘mind control’ in his online posts and brought up the subject in his previous classes at the local Pima Community College. And there were signs that he may have been ‘under the influence’ at the time of the shooting:
Eyewitness just claimed he had a blank expression on his face as he said “ow my arm” while being held down.

Some therapist is claiming that he is delusional, . . . the gov is reading his mind, doesn’t know if he is in a dream. Therapists also claimed that he is acting arrogant, paranoid and thinks he’s on a grand mission of some sort.…school/story?id=12575278
A longtime friend of Jared Lee Loughner, the suspect in custody.. said there was a mysterious, significant change in him a year before the shooting.…hner-s-mental-state.html
…neighbors and classmates say alleged murderer Jared Lee Loughner was a deeply disturbed young man who’d been wandering the neighborhood with an especially strange look in his eyes in recent days.…nfluenced-by-occult.html
witness “He didn’t look angry, just a dead face, nothing.”…SAh-y9C0&feature=related
Dr. Rayle, witness: shooter had ‘passive‘ face…xuwzOmaw&feature=related
witness Joe Zamudio: “He(gunman) was cold, he didn’t care.”…6-mzPTbiXmgfYK5d56DmiDjg
Deputy Audetat lifted the passive, even relaxed suspect to his feet and led him to the patrol car…

She sketched Loughner, 22, for CNN News during his first court appearance last week, and described his demeanor as “very robotic and intense,” and “nothing like anything she had ever seen.”
Occult Link?
A possible satanic alter with candles and a fake skull sitting on top of a pile of rotting oranges was found in his backyard. Pic here:

“There is another MKULTRA type of evidence I can offer up – a visual cue possibly to put this guy in to motion. Thursday night an episode of Grey’s Anatomy ran called, appropriately, “Disarm.” In the episode a college student named Jared shoots 26 people on campus in a mass shooting.”


“Back and to the left…”

Was Giffords Shot in the Back or Front of the Head?


In their briefing Tuesday, doctors also reversed themselves in describing the path of the bullet. They now believe she was shot on the left side of the forehead, with the bullet exiting the back.They previously thought she had been shot in the back of the head. They came to the new conclusion after reviewing X-rays and brain scans and consulting with two outside physicians with experience treating combat victims who were brought in on Monday. … t_giffords

Now the bullet entered from the left side of the forehead. Previously, it had been reported that the bullet had entered the back of her head.

And Steven Rayle stated that Giffords was shot in the face:


….a young man wearing sneakers and what appeared to be navy blue sweats approach Gifford with a semi-automatic handgun raised. The man shot Giffords once in the face, he said. … iring.html

This makes one wonder if Loughner even shot her. Eyewitness accounts suggest that the suspect who ran off was the one who shot Giffords. The man who “ran off” was Villec. … in-arizona

Did Loughner shoot anyone at all? Perhaps he was like Sirhan, simply firing wildly as a distraction from the covert operative (Villec?) who carried out the attack.


The initial media accounts says the gunman walked right up to the congresswoman and shot her in the face. Yet now they are saying the bullet entered the back of the head.

….a young man wearing sneakers and what appeared to be navy blue sweats approach Gifford with a semi-automatic handgun raised. The man shot Giffords once in the face, he said.
–The early reports of the Congresswoman’s gunshot wound to the head was that it was from back to front.


Then there was the story where she was sitting at a table and that people were coming
up to her from in front of the table. So how did she get shot in the back of the head?

Some people said she probably turned to look away at something.

When asked about the direction of the wound at a recent press conference, the doctor said, “I don’t want to get into conjecture.” So they are not talking about it. This is starting to look like the RFK assassination where Sirhan Sirhan came up to him from in front but the fatal wound was from the back.

Was this a ‘stage play’ event, in which one gunman waves around a weapon, firing wildy, while another does the actual killing?

“I don’t think he was even aiming. He was just firing at whatever.”

The comments from some of the witnesses testify to the ‘staged’ nature of the event:…f-aea1-929110e03a4c.html
“It was surreal. Gunshots sound less real in person,” he(Dr. Steven Rayle) said. “I thought someone was staging a protest. It just didn’t feel real.”
–Lachelle Smith, a 48-year-old teacher from Phoenix:
“I felt like I was looking through the glass at a movie. I thought I was watching a movie. It didn’t feel real,” Smith said.

Officially 19 people sustained bullet wounds, though a few references talked about 20 people being injured:
–Six people died and 14 others were wounded in Tucson.(20 victims).
The man suspected of shooting 20 people, six of them fatally…
Did they shorten the list of wounded because the gunman–or someone associated with the gunman–was himself shot?

…they just reported the gunman WAS SHOT, and is in custody.

The perp/patsy is supposed to have had time to empty* one extended magazine holding 31 rounds.  Yet if you count the number of wounds in the victims, you come up with at least30 wounds.

-John Roll, 63 (?)
-Gabriel Zimmerman, 30 (?)
-Dorwin Stoddard, 76, shot in head (1x)
-Christina Greene, 9, shot once through chest (1x)
-Dorothy Morris, 76 (?)
-Phyllis Schneck, 79 (?)

Ron Barber, 65, shot in the leg and in the face and neck area (2x)
Bill Badger, 74, grazing wound in back of head (1x)
Kenneth Dorushka, 63, shot in arm (1x)
Eric (aka James) Fuller, 63, wounded in knee and back (2x)
Randy Gardner, 60, shot in foot (1x)
U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords(D-AZ), 40, shot through head, either from back or front (1x)
Susan Hileman, 58, shots in torso and leg (3x)
George Morris, 76, shot in chest and leg (2x)
Mary Reed, 52, shot in back and once in each arm (3x)
Pam Simon, 63,  shot in wrist and chest (2x)
Mavanell Stoddard, 75,  shot 3 times in the leg (3x)
James Tucker, 58, shot in the collarbone and the leg (2x)
Kenneth Veeder, 75, grazed in leg (1x)

And that doesn’t include rounds that impacted the building:…ords-shooting-scene.html
Jason Pekau, 31, saw bullet holes in the walls and in the Safeway windows.

Even assuming rounds that passed through one victim and then impacted another, it is a truly incredible piece of marksmanship from some guy who had no known professional training and probably very little practice.  Which is of course more evidence of multiple shooters.
*Or maybe he didn’t even fire that many:…ounded-in-shooting?ps=rs
There were still bullets in the suspect’s gun when he was tackeled by two bystanders, Dupnik says.


Alex Villec

Alex Villec was a volunteer at the event.

He surfaced in the media as an eyewitness, and has gotten quite a lot of attention from the press.

However, his account contains two obvious lies:
He mentions no second gunman, despite all of the earlier reports and witnesses that saw someone else in the crowd firing a weapon. He states that EMS personnel arrived “quickly”, though witnesses state that EMS took around 30 minutes to arrive. Some of the wounded were taking themselves to the hospital!

Steven Rayle, another witness, spoke to someone who saw the second shooter running off. This witness described the second shooter as a “young man”. How old is Villec? 19.

In this radio-station’s interview with Villec, recorded the Tuesday after the shooting.

He states that he “ran off” after hearing the shots. All of the witnesses report that the second gunman “dashed off”.,8599,2041461,00.html

Here’s the story in which Villec tells two lies:

1) Acting as if there was no second shooter.

2) Stating that EMS arrived “quickly”.


Alex Villec: Wells Fargo or Bank of America?

Villec has offered two completely contradictory accounts of where he went after the shooting:


“He was pretty stoic,” said Mr. Villec, the intern who spoke to the gunman just before the episode. “He didn’t talk much. He walked past me without looking at me. I saw from my peripheral vision that he had raised his arm and started shooting.“I have not been around a lot of gunfire,” he added. “I acted out of instinct, and I booked it. I ran 100 yards to the Bank of America.” … ted=3&_r=1


Somehow, he managed to scamper up off the ground and run, crossing the parking lot for the Wells Fargo bank, where employees were already calling 911. They locked the bank doors, and Villec and the others took refuge inside. He got on the phone to authorities to tell them what little he knew. … S=13812182

Both of these accounts were published on January 9, the day after the shooting.

The problem? Once one flees the Safeway plaza, the Bank of America and the Wells Fargo are in opposite directions. Why was Villec giving completely contradictory accounts of his movements after the shooting?

There is Villec’s Facebook page.

There, it’s documented that he is a student at Georgetown University.And in the TIME link, it’s noted that he is 19 years old. That’s important, considering the “young man” description.


Alex Villec’s Invisible Line

Alex Villec:


Off to the side, volunteer Alex Villec helped keep things running smoothly.”There’s a line forming to your right,” he told those who asked. “Give her 25-30 minutes. She’ll be happy to talk to you.” … S=13812182


Villec directed the man to the back of the line, and he walked away, appearing almost uninterested. … =firefox-a

Steven Rayle:


There was actually no line. It was so informal that there was a loose, informal crowd of maybe 25 people. … g-12574764

Remember, the alleged “line” is Villec’s explanation of why he had an exchange with Loughner a minute before the shooting began.



Did somebody have foreknowledge that this shooting was going to occur? The emergency response seems to have been a little too perfect:…rcSGqw-w&feature=related
witness Andrea Gooden:
(30 sec mark)
Q: “And did you see an immediate emergency response? Did you sense that security detail may have been on… on scene already?”
A: “I did sense that. There was an immediate response within a minute… ah, plenty of sheriffs and also fire fighters were on the scene.”
[Officially it took about four minutes before the first cop got there]…o-arrive-after-shooting/
Battalion Chief Spalla adds, from the 911 dispatchers, to the first responders to the hospitals it all just seemed that the stars were lined up to take care of these poor folks last Saturday.



Alex Villec: John Doe #2?

Georgetown Voice has a video-interview of Villec: … in-tucson/

-The interview is preceded by a clip showing Villec hugging his mother. Was this included to exonerate Villec? He tells his mother that he is fine, then smiles, while saying that he is “absolutely fine”.

-His description of the assailant is a dead-on match for Loughner. What’s more, he had an exchange with Loughner before the shooting. He serves as a star witness for the official version.

–He was approximately three feet away from and in front of Giffords.

The Hoya also interviewed Villec:

-He is active in Georgetown University’s student community. He is involved in both sports and band activities there. In light of the fact that Georgetown is a Jesuit institution, and that it maintains a close relationship with the CIA, this is interesting.

-He is making nervous hand motions at the beginning of the interview. Is he making Masonic hand symbols?

-Villec states that he ran into a bank (Wells Fargo) that was about 100 meters away from the scene, and waited there for around 30 minutes until “a Sheriff came and got” him. Why were police personally interested in “getting” him?

-Villec states that he was “the only person who ended up running off”. Thus, it was, indeed, him who the witnesses were describing. The problem for Villec is that the reports/witnesses state that the person who fled the scene was firing a weapon.

Was Villec’s interview stage-managed?

Now, if Villec is John Doe #2, then this interview would likely be stage-managed. Is it likely that the covert operators would trust 19-year-old Villec to present his story without error? No, it would be filmed/edited by members of the same covert element that Villec served.

The video was filmed by Jonathan Gillis, a writer for The Hoya.
The video was edited by Amanda Summers-Plotno, an staff member at The Hoya.

Amanda Summers-Plotno and the New America Foundation

After someone wrote “The Government Is Lying About 9/11” on a tunnel wall in the Georgetown campus, Summers-Plotno was offended enough to write a snarky blog post about it: … -11-truth/

When other Georgetown students criticized her post, she stated that many 9/11 conspiracy theories have been debunked, and cites the long-discredited Popular Mechanics article.

Summers-Plotno has ties to the New America Foundation: … x_form#544

The New America Foundation is headed by Steve Coll, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

On it’s board, we find:

-Eric Schmidt, a member of the Bilderberg Group and the CEO of Google (Corporate member of the CFR), which has close intelligence connections.

-Francis Fukuyama, a CFR/PNAC member and one of the original signers of the 1998 PNAC letter that urged Clinton to invade Iraq. Fukuyama is a former member of the RAND Corporation and served a number of important roles in the State Department.

-James Fallows, a newsmedia figure and former speechwriter for Jimmy Carter (Whose administrationn was filled with Trilateral Commission members) who stated in 1991: “I am beginning to think that the only way the national government can do anything worthwhile is to “invent a security threat” and turn the job over to the military.”

-Noosheen Hashemi, a former executive of the Oracle Corporation and one of the key forces behind it’s meteoric rise. The Oracle Corporation is a known/admitted CIA front with direct connections to the 9/11 attacks.

-Kati Marton, a CFR member and the widow of Richard Holbrooke, the former US ambassador to the UN. Holbrooke was a member of the CFR, Trilateral Commission, and Bilderberg Group.

-Walter Russell Mead, a high-ranking CFR member and the project director of the Working Group on Development, Trade & International Finance, which was financed by the Ford Foundation.

-Lenny Mendonca is an executive/director at McKinsey, a corporate member of the CFR.

-Steven Rattner, a member of both the CFR and the Bilderberg Group. He is a trustee of the Brookings Institution, which has close ties to the Tavistock Institute in London.

-Diane Ravitch, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, which has close ties to the Tavistock Institute in London.

-Bernard Schwartz, a CFR member and a member of the Brookings Institution, which has close ties to the Tavistock Institute.

-Anne-Marie Slaughter, a CFR member and a member of the Aspen Institute.

-Laura D’Andrea Tyson, a CFR director and a director of Morgan Stanley.

-Christine Todd-Whitman, a CFR director and a director of United Technologies, a large defense contractor that Jamie Gorelick (One of the 9/11 Commissioners) was a director of. Whitman was a member of Dick Cheney’s Energy Task Force, and one of the key players behind the cover-up of asbestos in the air at Ground Zero.

-Daniel Yergin, a member of the Rockefeller-financed World Policy Institute’s advisory board and a member of the board of counselors for Layalina Productions, a US propaganda arm in the Arab world.

-Fareed Zakaria, a director of the CFR and the Trilateral Commission. Zakaria is a member of the Aspen Strategy Group and attended the 2003 meeting of the Bilderberg Group.

That’s the board of the New America Foundation. It’s completely controlled by the power elite. Members of the CFR, Trilateral Commission, and Bilderberg Group completely dominate the board.

Georgetown University is the biggest Jesuit school in Washington. Mae Brussell’s “The Nazi Connection To The JFK Assassination”:”Atsugi was only one station on Oswald’s Far East intelligence route; he was also at the U-2 base at Subic Bay in the Philippines and, for a short while, at Ping-Tung. Taiwan In 1959 he was transferred to a Marine base at Santa Ana, California for instructions in radar surveillance. His training officer had graduated from the Georgetown School of Foreign Service, which had close Agency ties.”

We know that the CIA is behind MKULTRA/Monarch-type programs. And Georgetown’s CIA ties are so close, George Tenet (CIA Chief, 1995-2004) is a professor there. That, in conjunction with Mae Brussell’s claim that Georgetown’s Foreign Service School has “close Agency ties”, is enough to prove that Georgetown University is CIA.

Tons of Jesuit ties to Columbine.–The Principal of Columbine was a childhood friend of Bill Clinton (Jesuit).–The head of the CIA at the time was George Tenet (Jesuit) and the head of the FBI at the time was Louis Freeh (Roman Catholic, Tied to Opus Dei).–The head of NATO, which was mysteriously on the scene of Columbine, was a Knight of Malta.–The town surrounding Columbine was controlled by Lockheed Martin, which is legally owned by the Jesuits (according to Avro Manhattan).
Who was the head of nato
–One of the boys who was identified as a third shooter, Chris Morris, immediately got a lawyer who was trained at Marquette University, the Jesuit institution of Wisconsin.

Javier Solana

Judy Clarke – Defense Lawyer.

How could Jarrod of afforded to get this lawyer ?? “Clarke is notable for having served as legal counsel in several prominent criminal proceedings, including the trials of convicted Islamic terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui, the “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski, child murderer Susan Smith, and the Centennial Olympic Park bomber Eric Rudolph, among others.”

She seems to be an “MKULTRA Lawyer”.Ted Kaczynski was 100% MKULTRA. So was Tim McVeigh, who I’ve heard she helped represent. I’d bet Moussaoui was MKULTRA too.




A few things to ponder.

–Who was arrested near Thornydale and Magee Roads in connection with the shooting? Why exactly were they arrested? Have they been cleared/released?

–Where did the report that a person in the crowd had shot at Loughner come from?

–Where did Loughner’s interest in “mind control” and “government conspiracies” stem from?

–Did Judy Clarke take Loughner’s case or was she appointed? If she took the case, why?

–Where did the initial report that Loughner had served in Afghanistan come from?

–Why are there discrepancies between the mug photo of “Loughner” and the widely-publicized photo of Loughner with earphones on?

–Why would Loughner have taken a taxi to the Safeway when he had been driving around in his own car just two hours prior?

–Was a rifle with an extended magazine found at the scene? If not, then why was this reported by an official of the Sheriff’s Department? If so, then why?

–Was a fully automatic weapon used in the shooting? If not, where did this report come from?

–If Loughner was tackled to the ground after the shooting, then why do witnesses report that the shooter fled the scene afterward?

–Was Loughner taking any psychotropic drugs?

–How long did it take for law-enforcement to arrive?

–Why did EMS arrive in such a slow fashion?

–Why does Alex Villec (Giffords volunteer) remember the gunman running past him when he states that he was approximately three feet away from Congresswoman Giffords and the surveillance video shows that the gunman was 2-3 feet away from Giffords? Why does Villec state that he told Loughner to “get in line” when another witness (Steven Rayle) stated that there was no line? Why does Villec state that Loughner was asking around about Giffords in front of the event when the surveillance camera shows him appear from the south entrance? Why does Villec tell two different newspapers two different stories as to where he ran after the shooting, even though these two buildings (both banks) are in opposite directions?

–What gave Loughner the impression that he was being monitored by the authorities?

–Why are there more bullet wounds and holes in walls/windows than Loughner’s gun had bullets? Why did the security video show the assailant firing 32 rounds when Loughner’s gun only had 31?

–How could Loughner’s accuracy been this great when he had owned a gun for little more than a month?

–Is there any connection to other recent scares that have been linked to the right wing?

More questions:
Can Loughner be recognized in the video? Does it show the shooter being tackled and taken to the ground?

Was gun shot residue(GSR) found on his hands?

Were Loughner’s fingerprints found on the gun?

Can the shell cases found on the scene be matched to the weapon owned by Loughner?

Can all the bullets fired be traced back to his Glock via forensic evidence?

What was the motive? Cops say they don’t know. Most assassins are quite eager to spread their message, and thus Loughner would have seized every opportunity to explain his motive.

There are several ‘Mystery Witnesses’ in this case who were on scene or otherwise involved but haven’t been interviewed or identified:

1 — The man who picked up the murder weapon after it had been knocked from Loughner’s hands and who was shoved against a wall by bystander Joe Zamudio.

2 —  A woman at the scene who allegedly found a spent shell casing in her purse a couple of days after the incident, just in time to account for the new figure of 32 shots(30 of which hit victims, and 2 that missed and were recovered in the Safeway store).

3 — The first person to come up to Congresswoman Gifford at the start of the event, described as “an Army reservist who had wanted to show Giffords his commendation from Iraq.”  You might remember the suspect was initially described as a veteran of Afghanistan.

4 — The guy out walking his dog who allegedly found Loughner’s black carrying bag full of ammo in the desert a couple days later and handed it to a local resident, who gave it to the cops.



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