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David Icke Debunked #DavidIcke

David Icke Debunked


First a quick update. Many of the videos on this blog are currently down because of a false copyright claim from Gregg Braden on my video “Gregg Braden Debunked” Which caused my primary Youtube account to be shut down. The material I used of his was covered under “fair use” as it was obviously for the purposes of critique. I will be updating the embedded videos on this site over the next few days, so please for give my mess.

Now on to Icke. Although Icke currently says that he doesn’t think anything will happen on 2012, he used to say it quite boldly:

Another important date may well
be December 21st 2012, when the calender system left by the Mayans in Central
America more than 1600 years ago, predicted that a great cycle for the Earth would
end. – And the Truth Will Set You Free – pg. 452

He also talks about it here in this video:

In any case I thought some of you might be interested in my new 2.5 hour video looking in to “Spiritual Evolution” I called it “David Icke Debunked” Although those at the Prison Planet Forums have renamed my thread (as they often do) “Chris White Documentary: Spiritual Evolution Debunked… Case Study: David Icke” Which I think makes it a bit more appropriate for this 2012 blog as well.

So here it is, for footnotes, transcripts and free downloads and DVDs go to :



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