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Freaky ‘Roman God Cloud’

Freaky ‘Roman God Cloud’ Caught on Tape! (Video)

August 05, 2011 06:15 AM EDT

A man from Canada filmed a freaky cloud formation, dubbed the “Roman God Cloud” during a storm whipping up in his backyard. Naturally, there are plenty of people rushing to claim it’s some sort of portentous sign from the Heavens. Denoting just what that may be, is, as usual, pretty vague.

But it doesn’t detract from the awesome spectacle which forms right in front of his very eyes. And, luckily, his handy video camera.

Face in the clouds

The nearly two-minute video starts with what looks like a normal storm cloud formation, unusually low to the ground, and being whipped by turbulent winds. Pretty mundane stuff. Until the bustling air begins to distort the cloud front into what becomes, astonishingly, a fair replica of a human profile.

And not just any profile. But rather what looks to be the classic representation of a Roman warrior, complete with aquiline nose, masculine, jutting jaw and even a remarkably realistic looking ear. In essence, a Roman God Cloud.

It’s all just coincidence of course. But it reminds even the most jaded observer that nothing is as awesome as the power of nature. And that carrying a camcorder around is always a good idea…

Check it out:

Image courtesy of Metro UK 


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