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Three teens arrested for planned shooting at Lakeshore High in Mandeville

Three teens arrested for planned shooting at Lakeshore High in Mandeville

Posted on August 5, 2011 at 10:42 AM

Updated today at 1:22 PM


MANDEVILLE, La. – St. Tammany Parish deputies have arrested three 15-year-olds on charges of conspiracy to commit terrorism after they say they thwarted a plan for a possible attack on Lakeshore High school.

Deputies said the alleged attack was to include shootings that would have coincided with the start of classes on Monday, August 8.

Deputies became aware of the plan on July 17, when school officials notified the Sheriff’s Office of the existence of a group, called “Day Zero,” members of which were all students at the school.

“In my nearly 30 years in law enforcement, this is the most advanced plan I have seen to date that was potentially a threat to our school kids,” said Sheriff Jack Strain.

Strain credited school officials for helping to avert a potentially deadly event. “Were it not for this alert administrator, we may have faced a very tragic first day of the school-year,” Strain said.
An investigation immediately began to determine the validity of the threat.  Several students were identified as members of the group.  During interviews with the students, they made no attempt to deny their involvement with the plan and admitted their intentions, according to sheriff’s office spokesman George Bonnett, who said all three were cooperative with investigators.

Investigators learned the students had a detailed plan for procuring weapons and bringing them to school Monday.  The investigators said the students intended to kill any law enforcement officials at the school who tried to stop them and then collect their weapons.  At least one student was named as a target in materials collected by investigators.

Searches of the three boys’ homes yielded computers and other evidence; analysis on the computers is on-going.

Arrest warrants were obtained for the three teenagers earlier this week.  All three turned themselves in to Sheriff’s deputies. 



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