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"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of darkness."

Philly Curfew ? – A blatant display of fascism & social break down.

  • Dozens of teens detained after Philadelphia’s earlier curfew – CNN
  • “(CNN) — Not long after the Philadelphia clock tower chimed to mark the 9 p.m. hour Friday, police picked up almost two dozen teens during enforcement of the city’s new curfew.” CNN

The World Police, again showing another picture perfect display of using the excuse of ‘troubled areas’ as a reason to instate fascist laws limiting the freedoms of civilians. They are doing it to children now, how long will it be till they advance to the general public ? When you can’t even walk freely on the public land of your own country there is a deeply serious problem, these problems are not just stemming up randomly due to certain incidents within the community. These are systematic contraints on the public as a slow, indoctrination into the new age. Another blatant display of authority, more ramping up and setting pre-texts for coming world changing events.

The general public can not help but picture a prison in their heads, when they are confined to their own living space and there’s a CCTV on every corner. This is the type of conditioning the The New World Order is feeding the public, to create a pre-text for a coming “revolt” that will be completely orchestrated.  Thus we are seeing, youths being agitated, rights and freedoms being slowly taken away, and of course the increase of global censorship – especially on social networks.

Whatever happened to trespassing, vandalism, public noise ordnance, disorderly conduct, ect. You know definable crimes – for causing trouble. Things these ‘kids’ might be doing, so when it comes a crime you arrest that person for that crime. However that method of policing seems to be dying off, it seems as though the police would rather make it a problem for kids that haven’t done anything wrong. The police are now defining it as criminal activity to be outside, by yourself, past 9:30pm.

All the Ruling Elite needs to do is break up enough families, turn enough cities into ghettos, create enough reason for crime rates to sky rocket, and then they will be able to get support for whatever criminal legislation they need to pass to control people. It is pure and blatant fascism, pure and simple. The powers that be are taking advantage of a very poor situation. Many parents today are absent or lack very basic parental involvement in their kids lives. Previous generations never had curfews, but the majority of parents enforced their own curfews on their kids.

However, parents today have their own struggles, with the economy today, struggling to make rent and keep food on the table, thus we have really bad parents and really dangerous out of control youths. Thus a curfew is introduced to control the youths, yet this will only stir up more civil disobiedience against police and create more unrest within communities.

In conclusion, it is clear that the World Elite’s systematic dissolution of common society is already in progress, these isolated cases of poverty, lack of education and quality of life are the very fabric of the cultural disaster going on today. The some what forgotten factor here is that this progressive collapse of society is being completely orchestrated to the most minute detail. What is going on here in Philadelphia is apart of the very same seed cell of deception that went on in the UK this past week. Riots, Flash Mobs and Violent Attacks are the very substance that feeds the need for social change. It is not just the initial action that leads to their pre planned solution, but the reaction of the public.

  • “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it yourself” – V.I. Lenin

 It is this type of social break down that will create the very structure for what we will come to know as the “New World Order.” It should be known, well across the board that the totalitarian displays we are witnessing today and the days ahead are not of “The New World Order’ in a technical sense, but are actually of the ‘Old World Order.’ The very basis to the ideology behind “Order Out Of Chaos” is to sway the revolution in your favor. This is exactly what the powers that be are doing by creating this social break down. Their goal is to deceive the public, and convince them that the ‘old system’ is the reason why society has so many problems. The deceptive coercion of the troubled masses is the very basis of the power’s that be and their ancient gospel.

The Externalization Of The Hierarchy –


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