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"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of darkness."

Chris White – Ipods are cool and Gog and Magog

The first NTR show in some time. I talk about the awesome opportunity we have with mp3 players and my new method for meditating on scripture. I then rant about some issues on my mind with the “Gog Magog” war and why I dont see any reason to expect it to happen before Revelation 20:7-8

Show notes:


Notice the Chronological pattern of these prophetic books they all end just as The Revelation does with the pattern of:

Day of the Lord DOTL,1000 years, Gog Magog, and the Eternal Kingdom.

I believe that Ezekiel also ends this way too, but the last 9 chapters (about the 1000 years) were perhaps intended to be circulated separately, which may make sense of Josephus’ idea that Ezekiel left behind “two books” (Ant. 10.5, 1) Either way its clear that Eze 37-39 ends just as the other books do, with this same chronology.

Premillennial Judgment Passages (DOTL) (all references are give or take)

Rev: 6:12 – 19:21Zeph 1-2:5Eze 37:1-11Zec: 14: 1-5

1000 Year Period

Rev 20:1-6Zeph 2:6-15Joel 2:21-32Isa: 65:17-25, 66:10-14Eze 37: 12-28Zec 14: 6-11

Gog Magog

Rev 20:7-9Zeph 3:1-11Joel 3:1-16Isa 66:15-18Eze 38-39:20Zec 12:1-914:12-15

Eternal Kingdom

Zeph 3:12-20Joel 3:17 -21Isa 66:19-24Rev 21:1-22:5Eze 39:21-29Zec 12:10-1414: 16-21

I am sure that I may be off on some of the above, but I think its pretty close.Also I would recommend this paper which although does not make any of the above claims it did make me see as never before the importance of the Ezekiel 40-48 in relation to Zechariah:ZECHARIAH IN RELATION TO. EZEKIEL 40-48 by CAMERON MAkay 


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