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Chanukah Doesn’t Cut It

Chanukah Doesn’t Cut It

December 23, 2011


This cartoon by Tom Turo from the latest The New Yorker, a Jewish-owned and edited magazine, suggests an unease with Judaism. 

Holidays like Chanukah tend to focus on God’s love for the Jews instead of the Jews’ love for God. 


by Henry Makow Ph.D.

I complimented the supermarket cashier on the Christmas carols on the P.A. The store is owned by a Lebanese family. 

“You’re Muslim, and I’m Jewish, yet supposedly it’s for us that they downplay Christmas and make it a generic ‘holiday.’ 

I enjoy Christmas.”  

The cashier smiled and agreed that she also enjoyed Christmas. 

“Merry Christmas,” i said scooping up my groceries.

 “Merry Christmas!” I heard over my shoulder.

Christmas used to be a religious festival. It commemorated Christ’s birth. 

Christ preached that God is Love — love your neighbor as yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Those eleven words
are all we need to govern our conduct.  

Christmas was a time of good will, good cheer and giving. It was a spiritual occasion.  

They’re eliminating this out of respect for Jews and Muslims? 

That’s just the “excuse.”  Who would object to brotherly love?   

I’ll tell you who. The world is run by a satanic cult, the Illuminati. They object. 

They have often acknowledged that Christianity is (or was) a major obstacle to Illuminati tyranny and the further enslavement of mankind. This is the real reason Christmas is being eliminated.


The only other holiday happening now is Chanukah. Most Jewish holidays are tribal, involving historical events.

Passover celebrates the Jews’ exodus from Egypt.  Purim celebrates Esther outfoxing Haman and his followers in Persia. 

They tend to focus on God’s love for the Jews instead of the Jews’ love for God.   

Chanukah commemorates the re-dedication of the Temple in Jerusalem in the second century BC. 

During a siege, the oil in a Menorah candle lasted eight days when it shouldn’t have. This was interpreted as a miracle and another sign of God’s favor. Is this the reason we are abandoning Christmas? 

Everyone likes the prestige of being part of a religion and having a “faith.” But if we define religion as obeying God, should Judaism be considered a religion?  

It is structured like a satanic secret society. The exoteric teaching, i.e. what the world sees and some practicing Jews believe, is the Torah, i.e. the first five books of the Old Testament.  

But the real Judaism, that of the Pharisees and later the Illuminati, adopted the Talmud and Cabala instead of the Torah. 

The Talmud teaches that only Jews are human and humanity is destined to serve them. The Cabala teaches that, “It’s all good!” God is unknowable, and good and evil are inseparable. 

The essence of a true religion is our relationship with God, who dwells in our soul as our ideal self. God is how we distinguish between good and evil.  

The Talmud and Cabala reject a moral and universal God, and consequently man’s moral and divine nature. In other words, they don’t think we have a soul. 

Essentially, they replace God with Lucifer, who represents Illuminati Jewish financiers and Cabalists who want to take God’s place. 

If Jews wish to understand anti-Semitism, they need to understand this:
The esoteric leadership create anti-Semitism by advancing their diabolic agenda, the New World Order. 


Freemasonry is modeled on Judaism, i.e. a Cabalist secret society where the rank-and-file isn’t told the true aims, but are fooled into advancing them. 

Using their control of money (credit) and the mass media, government and education, the Illuminati are reprogramming humanity. 

They have gutted Christianity and placed mankind on the road to occult enslavement.

The world is firmly in their grip. They invert reality, making what is healthy and good seem evil and vice-versa. 

Is it a coincidence that commercials, music videos, video games and movies promote a satanic agenda? (For examples, see Vigilant Citizen.)  

Is it a coincidence that they tell us to experiment with homosexuality? Promote sexual promiscuity to destroy
 marriage and family calling it “sexual liberation?”

Is it a coincidence that they tout “change” yet things keep getting worse?
Welcome to the true meaning of “changing the world.” We are being inducted into their satanic cult.  

Mankind now is structured like a satanic secret society. The masses are fooled and controlled by specious platitudes (“excuses.”)

Only dupes and those who agree with the diabolical agenda rise to power.

Dec. 25 is the anniversary of Christ’s birth. 

Most Jews, Christians and Muslims are unhappy with the direction of the world.  Let’s use the Gospel of Love to unite and turn things around.

God is love. Satan is hate. God is design. Satan is chaos. We can fill our world with love or hate. We need to convince everyone that love is better than hate.



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