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DEC 20th – Top ancient mysteries of 2011

I found this article fascinating. 
It’s a compilation of different articles from this year that are pertinent to the topic. 

The list of things that were discovered or rediscovered this year is incredible. I’ll show you a few examples below, but you must go to the article because there’s so much there. 

Do archaeologists ever get tired of delving into ancient mysteries? 

I’m combining several different scientific disciplines in this end-of-year roundup of ancient mysteries. Archaeology has to do with studying the peoples of the past through an analysis of the things they’ve left behind, ranging from the bones of Ötzi the Iceman to the pigeon nests built in a cave near Jerusalem. Paleontology is the branch of geology that focuses on the fossil record left behind by bygone organisms, including dinosaur dung. And paleoanthropology focuses on our prehistoric ancestors and their relationships to other species. 


– 11,700-year-old community center unearthed in Jordan 

– Analysis of 2.2 million-year-old hominid’s ‘skin’ goes open source 

– Does tomb in Guatemala hold remains of female Maya ruler? 

– Dinosaur growth 
– Dinosaur senses 
– Archaeopteryx 
– New species 


– Humans left the trees 4.2 million years ago
– Upright walking may go back 3.7 million years 
– 2 million-year-old fossils seen as ‘game-changer’ 

View the Main Source Article Here (all other articles linked within) 


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