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"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of darkness."

How war themed video games have predicted the future yesterday & today.

Now I know I’ll probably get flammed like crazy for making this thread. However I myself am an avid gamer who in fact likes the very games I’m going to be talking about. So I’m not a video game dis-info agent, just an average gamer who’s noticed more than a few trends popping up. 

So before you just start flamming the thread and making my post out to be anti-gaming, it is not and I implore you to read through the information first. 

I’ve been a video gamer for as long as I can remember. I’ve enjoyed watching video gaming grow into what is today, but in doing so I’ve also noticed some disturbing trends among todays gamers and even some parallels between that powerful form of media and our very own reality. 

So I’ll start of with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon. 

(The Game

Ghost Recon (2001) 

Ghost Recon begins in April 2008, with civil unrest in Russia borne out of an ultra-nationalist regime that came to power and placed its leader, Dmitri Arbatov, as president. The ultranationalists form the Russian Democratic Union (RDU) and conquer Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, with eyes set on the other former Soviet republics. During the first few missions of the game, the Ghosts battle Georgian rebels who are harassing the legitimate government and its allies. Their presence forces the Russian government to complain to the United Nations that the Americans have interfered in their affairs and eventually send in the army to aid the rebels. 

The Ghosts slow down the invading forces while foreign nationals evacuate the country. Eventually, the Ghosts are all that’s left of US forces in Georgia and take the last helicopter out of the American Embassy in T’bilisi just as Russian forces storm the complex. The Georgian government flees to Geneva and sets up a government-in-exile while the RDU assimilates Georgia, an act publicly condemned by the United States, Great Britain, and Germany.

So the plot mainly revolves around a Russian military invasion into Georgia. Now as crazy as it sounded when the game was made, this conflict between Georgia and Russia almost took place in 2008 in South Ossetia which is between the two countries. 

(The Conflict) 

(The Spin) 

(The Truth) 

So that’s one game, however after this I really started to take notice about content in other such games. 

So the next one is the beloved Battlefield 3. 

(The Game) 

Battlefield 3 

Set in 2014, Sgt Blackburn leads a five-man squad on a mission to find and safely return a US squad investigating a possible IED, whose last known position was a market controlled by a hostile militia called the PLR. Blackburn and his squad are later sent to Tehran to apprehend a the leader of the PLR, Al-Bashir. While investigating an underground vault in the target’s suspected location, Blackburn and his team learn that the PLR acquired Russian portable nuclear devices, and that two of the three devices are missing. Being overrun, and requesting back-up, an M1 Abrams convoy led by Sergeant Miller is deployed to extract Blackburn’s team. Miller facilitates Blackburn’s helicopter extraction, but is captured when waiting for a Quick Reaction Force. Miller is promptly executed by Solomon and Al-Bashir, with the event being filmed. 

Later, Blackburn and his squad manage to capture Al-Bashir, who realizes Solomon betrayed him and reveals his plot to detonate the nukes in Paris and New York, before dying from the wounds he sustained in his capture. Blackburn’s team also gets a lead on an arms dealer, Kaffarov, who was working with Solomon; however, while pursuing Kaffarov, the Americans encounter a large Russian force, who are also attempting to apprehend Kaffarov and are hostile towards the Americans.

So there’s pretty much the plot of Battlefield 3 minus some key story points that happen later on in the game. 

(Mission: Between a Rock and a Hard Place, Russians in Iran 3:04 & 4:04) 

Now this is the reality. 

(Russia Warns U.S. – Hands of Iran) 

Russia has told the United States that relations between the two countries will be adversely affected if Washington goes ahead with its plans for a military strike against Iraq. 

The comments were made by the Russian Defence Minister, Igor Sergeyev, at the start of talks in Moscow with the American Defence Secretary, William Cohen. 

As talks between the two men began, Marshal Sergeyev told Mr Cohen that he wanted to relay Moscow’s deep concern over the possible prospects for bilateral relations in the military field, especially if a strike against Iraq went ahead. 

Russian Warns U.S. 

Now this was one of the biggest red flags to myself. 

(The Games) 

(Battlefield 3: Drone Footage) 

(Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: Reaper Drone) 

(Call of Duty Modern Warfare: AC – 130 Gunship) 

(Apache Air Assault: Apache Helicopter) 

(Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: AC-130 Gunship) 

After watching all of that, one could understand why it would be easier to do these things. 

(The Reality) 

Domestic Drones 

The ACLU recently released a report prompted by the increasing use of surveillance drones by U.S. law enforcement and other agencies. It finds that current privacy protections are lacking, and recommends that new federal rules for domestic drones are needed to safeguard personal privacy and civil liberties. 

Hell, No need to shell out $70 for a game. Just join the police force =) 

Ethics of drone strikes questioned. 

Critics of controversial method of warfare say use is illegal and unethical, citing numerous civilian deaths. 

The use of drones in modern warfare, where the person pulling the trigger spots their target on a video screen and is not even on the battlefield, has led some to question the ethics behind using such weapons. 

The operation of the unmanned aircraft has dramatically increased under the Obama administration – a practice criticised by many nations including Pakistan and Afghanistan – particularly over the deaths of many civilians during attacks. 

Ethics Questioned 

“The use of drones in modern warfare, where the person pulling the trigger spots their target on a video screen and is not even on the battlefield, has led some to question the ethics behind using such weapons.” lol. 


Gunner: “(laughing).. I hit’em” 

Now this last game that I’m going to talk about, well it pretty much nailed the final nail for myself as far as examples of modern day propaganda.. well I guess instead you can call them conditioning tools more so than propaganda. 

(The Game) 

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Patriots 

(The Reality) 

…Another topic, a whole other discussion. 


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