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Richard Hoagland – You’re being called out!

Richard Hoagland 

I’m calling you out! 

For years your gift of the gab has astounded many individuals including myself. Your image analysis – your geometrical calculations of amazing proportions, and your cosmic outta this world theories have stunned those that want to know the truth NASA is holding back. 

Now – around a year or so ago I started hearing you go on about “President Obama” and how you went on and on and on about how you thought this guy was the bees knees….hmmm 

Also most of your images you have “collected” over the years you refuse to let any see…hmmm… 

Your “theories” on comet Elenin and YU55 as well as the recent Dawn information on Vesta never held – and you never seem to admit that…hmmm 

I recently came across this very interesting blog outing you for not being CLEAR in past work you have been involved in….UFO Diaries – Cydonia Mars Connection & NASA 
Watch this now: 

Notice anything? Hmmm? No? …..OK how about the images used on that show? See now? Starting to “get it” yet? Well by crikey – there seem to be a few images that show more faces on Mars rather than the favorite FACE in Cydonia! Where are these images Richard? Hmmm? Also note the photo of the clear huge pyramid in the center of a crater! Richard? Hmmm… 

OK Hoagland you still have time to reveal the TRUTH of these images. Saving grace would be for you to admit that you are a con-man, work for and still are working for NASA (under the guise of controlled released information…or worse…disinformation) or any other slant on this equation. 

You need not pander to your masters – the veil is lifting faster than a dress at prom night (as they say) – you should come clean. Or at the very least explain this instance of you not being forward and straight up with what you got. 

You are loosing your fan base – and the real deals are also wondering what the Dickens is up with Hoagland, his information, his theories that never suffice, and his denial in admitting he is wrong on most if not all of these theories. 

Mad Martian is someone everyone here at ATS should look into – he is the man who exposed Hoagy on the UFO Diaries withholding. And man, once you read the threads – especially the communication between the two – something comes up smelling suspect. 


One thing I know about Hoagy – he can talk the ears off a little white rabbit – he can baffle us with as much bullcrap as he wants – BUT it is easy to see now why he does this. He also uses NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and trigger words much like a hypnotist…… 

…I did mention NASA are masters of the mind control – as described in Cathy O’Brien’s Trance:Formation of America (A MUST READ)…………… 

…and well just look at all the Apollo ‘naughts – that always had that blank, dazed and confused look of being mind controlled themselves. The Apollo 11 debrief was obscure and very awkward: 

So Hoagy – are you on your own “Dark Mission”? Because my friend you have all the hallmarks of a true tried and tested NASA old boy… 


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