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Unusually warm weather preventing birds from flying south,

Unusually warm weather preventing birds from flying south 

If the unusually warm weather has left outdoor skiiers and ice skaters out of luck, it has been a boon for bird watchers. According to Birdlife Finland many bird species have postponed their flight south until colder weather arrives. A total of 160 birdspecies have been observed in Finland, and a couple of them have never even been seen in the country before. The rarest bird species observed in December – the Isabelline Shrike and Hume’s Warbler – have not previously been observed during winter months in Finland. The land of a thousand – presently ice-free – lakes is still teeming with waterfowl. Hundreds of Canadian Geese and swans have delayed their migration south. Additionally there are more White Wagtail, MeadowPipit and Hen Harriers than usual according to Birdlife. However, there are fewer Fieldfares, Waxwings and Pine Grosbeaks than usual because they have difficulty finding food. 

Very crazy winter for us, but also for birds. They already should be in South, but now warm weather confuses them. They can die in hunger because its not warm enough for insects. This could really harm our bird populations.


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