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Three Atheist Stooges: Shroom, Schwag, and Nag


Year of 2011– most severe weather on record = OFFICIALLY from NOAA

As of feb 9th, Canada’s own version of SOPA: Bill C-11 will kill more of your freedom,

We faught Bill C-32 and here it is back.. but so much worse! ((Bill C-11 is like SOPA)) 

Under this proposed bill you will no longer be able to rip cd’s you bought to your MP3 player. 

You will also be unable to unlock your smart phone, obtain internet services if you are charged with internet-related crime (even if a court date has not been set). 

Recording with a PVR will be illegal as will obtaining the tools to unlock dvd’s, cd’s cellphones, etc. 

Not only will this bill illegalize common practices, it will also make it illegal to circumvent the laws set forth in this bill. 

Here is the Bill in its entirety. in depth articles. 

The Canadian Coalition for Electronic Rights

A handy letter-writing wizard from the above website to voice your opinion to your local MP. 

An article about Bringing SOPA to Canada

An article on Canadian Business blog

Please, at the very least write to the MP!

Facebook set to float on stock exchange as early as Wednesday with a value tipped at $100 BILLION

Facebook’s highly anticipated launch as a publicly traded company could happen within days.

In what would be the most hotly anticipated consumer technology offering for more than a decade, Facebook could start the process for an initial public offering of stock as early as Wednesday.

The social networking site – which is expected to hit one billion users this year – would join McDonald’s,, Visa and Bank of America Corp in the top ranks of the largest public companies in the world. 

Already a billionaire on paper, Mark Zuckerberg could cash in a fortune on the open market as soon as Wednesday as Facebook is set to IPO with a value of $75-$100 billion

Already a billionaire on paper, Mark Zuckerberg could cash in a fortune on the open market as soon as Wednesday as Facebook is set to IPO with a value of $75-$100 billion

The sale could raise as much as $10 billion (£6.4 billion) in an offering that would value the company at $75 billion to $100 billion (£48 billion to £64 billion), according to the Wall Street Journal. 

The windfall would dwarf the $1.67 billion (£1 billion) raised in Google’s 2004 float. That offering gave Google a market value of $23 billion (£15 billion) – but the company is now worth $184 billion (£117 billion).


CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg, 27, is already considered a billionaire because of shares traded on a closed market. 

The sale could be a boon for Facebook’s employees too – Mr Zuckerberg suggested in an interview last year that if his company went public it would be possible to reward staff with ‘equity and options’. Up to one third of Facebook’s 3,000 staff could become millionaires.

A co-founder who left the company in 2008, he holds a 6% share in Facebook

Dustin Moskovitz: The co-founder’s company share of 6% would be boosted to an estimated $6 billion at the aimed $100 billion company value

Eduardo Saverin, a co-founder of Facebook who most recently held a 5% stake in the company before selling off most of his ownership

Eduardo Saverin: The co-founder recently sold most of his 5% company stake which would have garnished him an approximated $5 billion value


However a public listing would also mean Facebook would have to answer to the demands of investors hungry for a profit.

And buyers will need deep pockets, with speculation that each single share will be offered at between $38 and $40 (about £24.20 to £25.40).

Facebook spokesman Larry Wu said the company will not comment on IPO-related speculation.

After filing initial paperwork, shares would normally start trading in around three to four months.

Chris Hughes a co-founder and original spokesperson of Facebook has since created his own social network called Jumo

Chris Hughes: The co-founder and original spokesperson of Facebook owns less than 1 per cent of the company equating to less than $1 billion if the company reaches its desired value

Sean Parker, the Napster co-founder and Facebook founding president, is credited for the company's growth and inspiration

Sean Parker: The Napster co-founder and Facebook founding president owns 4 percent of Facebook, approximated to hit $4 billion if the company’s value inclines as proposed




Mark Zuckerberg:
Age: 27
Net worth: $17.5 billion (£11 billion)
Owns 24% of Facebook, previously worth $5.3 billion
(£3.4 billion)
ROLE: Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Facebook
Currently creating his own monetary system ‘Facebook Credits’ to facilitate transactions and profits, according to Forbes.

Dustin Moskovitz:
Age: 27
Net worth: $3.5 billion (£2.2 billion)
Holds a 6% stake in Facebook previously worth $1.3 billion (£827 million)
ROLE: A co-founder and the social-networking site’s first chief technology officer, Moskovitz left in 2008 and started Asana, a software company that allows individuals and small companies to better collaborate. 

Eduardo Saverin:
Age: 29
Net worth: $2 billion
Most recently held a 5% stake in Facebook, previously worth $1.1 billion (£700 million), which he has since sold more than half of to invest in new start-ups.
ROLE: Co-founder of Facebook

Chris Hughes:
Age: 28
Net worth: estimated at $700 million (£445 million)
ROLE: Co-founder & original Facebook spokesperson. 
Most recently served as Barack Obama’s Director of online Organizing for his 2008 presidential campaign. Currently the executive director of a new social network called Jumo which connects individuals to global nonprofits.

Sean Parker:
Age: 31
Net worth: $2.1 billion (£1.3 billion)
Owns 4 percent of Facebook, worth over $880 million
 (£560 million)
ROLE: Former Facebook president, helped capture initial investors for the company 

Winklevoss twins:
Age: 30
Net worth: They accepted a $20 million (£12.7 million) cash settlement and Facebook stock that could now be worth more than $150 million (£95 million), according to AdWeek.
ROLE: Claimed they invented Facebook which was stolen by Mr Zuckerberg

For the state of California it can’t come soon enough. The fiscally challenged state expects a tax windfall after the IPO. 

In 2006, two years after Google went public, 16 Google insiders paid the state $380million (£242 million) in taxes after cashing in 9 million shares – enough to cover the salaries of more than 3,000 state workers.

When a company goes public stockholders can’t sell the shares right away, so takes a little while for the tax income to flow in.

The main reason for an IPO is to produce a profit for the company, adding to Mr Zuckerberg’s already estimated net worth of $17.5 billion (£11 billion) with the expected sale of the company’s securities.

At $100 billion (£63.6 billion) valuation, the company started by Zuckerberg in a Harvard dorm room would have double the valuation of Hewlett-Packard, the Journal said.

Facebook’s IPO would dwarf that of any other dotcom waiting to go public.

‘Farmville’ creator Zynga has filed for an IPO of up to $1 billion (£636 million). In November, daily deals service Groupon debuted with much fanfare, only to plunge below its IPO price within weeks.

LinkedIn and Pandora are now also trading significantly below the levels their stocks reached during their public debuts earlier this year.

Facebook has become one of the world’s most popular Web destinations, challenging established companies such as Google Inc and Yahoo Inc for consumers’ online time and for advertising dollars.

Facebook does not disclose its financial results, but a source familiar with the situation told Reuters earlier this year that the company’s revenue in the first six months of 2011 doubled year-on-year to $1.6 billion (£1 billion).

Eric Feng, a former partner at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers who now runs social-networking site, said that the cash Facebook will get in an IPO would allow them to make more acquisitions and refine or work on new projects, such as a rumored-Facebook phone or a netbook.

Having tradeable stock will also allow Facebook to attract more engineering talent who might have been more attracted to the company in earlier days when it was growing faster but now perhaps might be attracted to other companies. 

‘It’ll be a powerful bullet for them,’ said Feng.

Investors have been increasingly eager to buy shares of Facebook and other fast-growing but privately-held Internet social networking companies on special, secondary-market exchanges.

Facebook said last January that it will exceed 500 shareholders in 2011, and that in accordance with SEC regulations, it will file public financial reports no later than April 30, 2012.



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TheIntelHub – ‘ACTA: the Legislation that Makes SOPA and PIPA Look Reasonable’

The Intel HubBy Madison Ruppert – Editor of End the LieJanuary 28, 2012

First off, the most important thing to point out is that the United States already signed the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, or ACTA, at a ceremony last year along with several other nations.

That’s right, with little to no fanfare or coverage in the controlled establishment media, an “agreement” (which is much closer to a treaty than anything else) was signed which undermines everything that the internet was built upon while putting countless other sectors of life in danger.

As I very briefly outlined in an article complimenting a video released in 2010 warning of what ACTA had in store, this also puts farmers worldwide at risk of being unfairly targeted by Monsanto.

It is worth noting that the leader of the United Kingdom’s Pirate Party rightly pointed out in a press release today that “ACTA is an international treaty, disguised as a trade agreement,” adding, “ACTA is, if anything, even more objectionable [than SOPA and PIPA].”

Apparently it is not only internet denizens which are astounded by the fact that ACTA was discussed in secret and passed with no input from the people in several powerful nations.

Indeed, in an act of protest and solidarity with the anti-ACTA community, Polish legislators donned paper Guy Fawkes masks in the Polish Parliament and even more importantly, the European Union’s rapporteur for ACTA resigned in disgust.

Kader Arif, the rapporteur in question, was apparently appalled by the way in which the EU is being pressured into signing onto ACTA.

Arif was even brave enough to go as far as saying that he “will not take part in this masquerade.”

He rightly highlights that, “This agreement might have major consequences on citizens’ lives, and still, everything is being done to prevent the European Parliament from having its say in this matter. That is why today, as I release this report for which I was in charge, I want to send a strong signal and alert the public opinion about this unacceptable situation.”

I believe that everyone the world over, but especially those in the EU, should applaud Arif for standing up for the real democratic process and not the cheap imitation that is has swept the Western world.

Arif continues, “I want to denounce in the strongest possible manner the entire process that led to the signature of this agreement: no inclusion of civil society organizations, a lack of transparency from the start of the negotiations, repeated postponing of the signature of the text without an explanation being ever given, exclusion of the EU Parliament’s demands that were expressed on several occasions in our assembly.”

He said that the efforts he witnessed are unprecedented and designed to rush the signing through before the public could be alerted to the dangers of the agreement.

Arif stated that this not only deprived the European Parliament of its right to have input on the signing but also stripped them “of the tools at [the Parliament’s] disposal to convey citizens’ legitimate demands.”

Unfortunately, here in the United States, the agreement was signed with no input from the people or our so-called representatives whatsoever.

Obama accomplished this by making an end-run around the constitution by claiming that since it did not modify US law, it need not be ratified by a two-thirds majority of the US Senate.

Furthermore, the Obama administration claims that it is not, in fact, a binding treaty and thus falls under Obama’s executive privilege.

This is patently absurd and representative of the contempt for the opinion of Americans held by the Obama administration, our so-called representatives, and those who dictate policy to these public figures.

“Everyone knows the ACTA agreement is problematic, whether it is its impact on civil liberties, the way it makes Internet access providers [more commonly referred to as internet service providers in the United States, also known as ISPs] liable, its consequences on generic drugs manufacturing, or how little protection it gives to our geographical indications,” Arif said.

He brings up what I think are some of the most important points in this short paragraph, especially the issue of civil liberties and how it connects to the responsibility being placed on the shoulders of ISPs.

These two parts of ACTA are intimately connected because what ISPs would have to do to protect themselves would be an egregious breach of our civil liberties.

In order for ISPs to protect themselves from being targeted under ACTA, they would have to constantly monitor all communications on their networks along with all data stored on their servers.

With all of the Big Brother technology being foisted upon us by what is supposed to be our government and countless large corporations, this seems like the perfect excuse to even further ratchet up the American surveillance state which is quickly going global with the help of companies like Google.

sing this level of filtering they could easily track every single website you visit, what you do on the website and how you interact with it, and more, all of which can be stored and handed over to private entities or the government with little to no oversight.This would require something called “deep packet inspection” which means that they would analyze (and likely record and store for liability purposes) the content of every single e-mail, instant message, along with any other communication in order to make sure that it does not breach ACTA in some way.

This would similarly imply that companies like Dropbox which remotely store files (a service which I use myself in my writing) would have to inspect all of the files on their servers to make sure that none of them are infringing content.

One aspect of ACTA which makes it far worse than SOPA or PIPA is the fact that it is international in scale.

A corporation half way across the world could come after End the Lie for using their logo as an image associated with an article or even — as insane as this sounds — linking to infringing content.

That’s right, I could get shut down and/or fined for doing nothing other than linking to a site which allegedly has content which is protected under someone’s copyright as could anyone else unfortunate enough to get caught in the sights of someone leveraging the powers under ACTA.

There is also the real danger that this could be used in a targeted manner to stifle dissent.

Say, for instance, a site like mine or any of the other thousands of alternative news websites out there which cite the copyrighted works of others either in whole under Fair Use or excerpted (which is what I do in using quotes from other writers or publications in my work) could be taken down entirely if the copyright holder found a bit of copyrighted material.

I seriously doubt major establishment news organizations would ever come under fire for doing such a thing, although independent organizations very well might because they cover much more controversial (and meaningful) material, tend to make some people very unhappy and most importantly do not have the massive infrastructure required to fight such an attack.

I find it quite troubling that this has already been signed by the United States along with the European Union without any meaningful debate or input from those who are affected by the legislation.

Keep in mind this is coming from someone who is not a pirate and someone who does not make money off of hijacking the hard work of others.

I fall into the category of content creator, the exact segment of the population this type of agreement is intended to benefit.

However, I would never put my intellectual property over the right to privacy, truly just law, the system of checks and balances (which is laughable at this point) and the concept of sovereignty.

Furthermore, I think it is quite clear to my readers by now that I am much more interested in raising awareness, working towards solutions and hopefully (slowly) making the world a better place than keeping my writings “exclusive” or “protected.”

This is precisely why I encourage anyone and everyone to post my articles wherever they please, with the only request that you keep my name attached to the article with a link back to the original or to my homepage.

Why? Well, since I am quite far from making any significant income from my work at this point (something which I obviously hope will change soon) I’d like to at least get the satisfaction of knowing that people recognize who created the works that they are reading.

I don’t think that is too much to ask, especially given that larger news agencies which create what I find to be much lower quality content, actually charge people to copy their work.

In no way does it seem reasonable to me to allow ISPs to invade our privacy, put farmers who feed the world in danger of being shut down by ludicrously greedy corporations like Monsanto, or to allow the circumvention of everything that an open society is supposed to be in the name of protecting copyrights.

Unfortunately, since the United States has already signed on to this atrocious agreement, I’m not sure of what exactly we can do to fight it.

One idea that comes to mind is pressuring our so-called representatives into taking Obama to task for not taking this to the Senate to be ratified.

Another would be to step up vocal boycotts against supporters of ACTA in order to show them that we will not allow them to destroy everything that is the internet as we have come to know it.

There are already massive protests being held around the world in opposition to ACTA but since the US has already signed on, it seems our options are a bit more limited.

If you have any suggestions as far as solutions go, please e-mail me immediately with your ideas.

I will be devoting part of the second episode of End the Lie Radio to this issue, so keep in mind that your input will be helping me put forth more solutions to the show’s audience in order to actually bring about some change.

ACTA is truly dangerous and the international community needs to stand up and push back against the corporate kleptocrats that seek to eradicate what few freedoms we have left  

TheIntelHub – ‘Pentagon Wants Commando “Mothership” in Middle East’

The Intel HubBy Madison Ruppert – Editor of End the LieJanuary 28, 2012

The USS Ponce (LPD-15) pictured here in 2009 (Photo credit: U.S. Navy)

The Pentagon is now pushing to send a massive floating base which will serve as a staging point for commando squads in the Middle East, a move which I think can be easily traced back to the constantly rising tensions with Iran over the Strait of Hormuz and their alleged nuclear weapons program.

Of course, they only say that this is part of the reason, just like they claim that the massively increased American presence in the region is nothing to be concerned about while obviously it is.

The other threats they claim justify this move are al Qaeda in Yemen, Somali pirates, and more.

This move is supposedly being made at the behest of United States Central Command (CENTCOM) which is at the helm of all of the military operations going on throughout the Middle East.

The Navy will be converting an old warship which was going to be decommissioned into a floating staging base for commando operations.

This makes me wonder, why the emphasis on the fact that it is an aging vessel that was going to be decommissioned? Could this perhaps be a set up for a false flag to be blamed on Iran? The possibility is there and should be considered.

The makeshift base has been unofficially dubbed a “mothership” and is capable of launching smaller high-speed boats and the types of helicopters which are typically utilized by the Navy SEALs according to procurement documents brought to my attention by The Washington Post.

This new move is being chalked up to the shift in military focus under the Obama administration’s “new” strategy – which many have rightly pointed out is not actually that new and in fact contains some major contradictions – to a heavier reliance on Special Forces operations in order to make the American military “leaner and more agile” in the face of at least $487 billion in spending cuts at the Pentagon over the next ten years.

I think that this latest deployment should be emphasized because the military refuses to discuss where exactly this new “mothership” will be deployed in the Middle East.

For an analyst like myself, this hints that it very well might be deployed in the Persian Gulf region in order to put even more pressure on Iran and likely try to push Iran into striking first, giving the West a green light to absolutely destroy the entire country.

Lieutenant Commander Mike Kafka, a spokesman for the US Navy’s Fleet Forces Command, would not say what exactly the purpose of the new floating base was, or where it will be deployed.

Other officials from the Navy said that the military was trying to convert the vessel at an unusually rapid pace, something which lends to the speculation that it could be intended for deployment in the region surrounding Iran before any conflict begins in full.

These unnamed officials have said that the “mothership” will be moved into the region by early summer, representing a time frame which is indeed uncharacteristically small for the military.

My analysis which hints that this is bound for the Persian Gulf to confront Iran is backed up by a Navy document which indicates that it could indeed be headed to the Persian Gulf.

This hint comes from a market survey proposal from the Military Sealift Command dating back to December 22.

Regardless of what The Washington Post or the Navy says, I think anyone who has been keeping up with my “Iran: a quickly evolving geopolitical imbroglio” series (the latest installment of which can be found here) will find that this floating base is indeed likely headed for the region. I believe that my readers could easily tell where this will be deployed without any confirmation from the Navy or the establishment media since the writing is so clearly on the wall.

However, the market survey for the Afloat Forward Staging Base (AFSB) seems to quite clearly that this is intended to be deployed the region of the Persian Gulf. For the interested readers, you can explore this market survey yourself here.

Another clear indication that this is bound for the Gulf and intended to combat a potential closure of the Strait of Hormuz can be seen in other contract documents cited by The Washington Post which supposedly say that the vessel will be used to “support mine countermeasure” operations.


This is pertinent because if Iran was to close the Strait of Hormuz, Defense officials and analysts have said that they would largely rely on mines to obstruct the relatively narrow passage.

Of course, there is the matter of the shore-to-sea missiles which were tested during a previous military exercise (which I detailed in a previous installment of my “Iran: a quickly evolving geopolitical imbroglio” series) and other measures but it is relatively well known that mines would play a large part in such an operation.

There is also the matter of submarines which an Iranian military official recently emphasized and claimed that the United States has gravely underestimated.

The deception of The Washington Post becomes quite clear when they say, “Adding the mothership would do relatively little to bolster U.S. maritime power overall,” which is a blatantly false assertion.

They also cite the 5th Fleet’s base in Bahrain and the “one or two aircraft carrier groups usually assigned to the region,” while making a point not to take notice of the fact that indeed a third strike group is headed to the area and considered in concert with all of the other buildups in the region which I have been covering my series clearly indicates an effort to bolster the American presence surrounding Iran.

The ship to be retrofitted is the USS Ponce, an amphibious transport docking ship, which was revealed by a January 24 solicitation.

Proposals are due by February 3 and the solicitation is a rush order, making me concerned that there are plans for an operation in the very near future, perhaps as early as this summer as indicated previously in this article.

This is congruent with the statements from Israeli analysts who claim that an attack on Iran will happen in 2012, as I outlined in “Iran: a quickly evolving geopolitical imbroglio – part VIII“.

It is worth noting that up until December, the Navy was planning to decommission the USS Ponce this coming March after a whopping 41 years of service for the Navy.

Once retrofitted, the Ponce will be able to incorporate the Mark 5 Zodiac inflatable boat, capable of carrying up to 15 passengers and Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats which can carry an entire squad of Navy SEALs and are seven meters in length.

The mothership is designed to remain in a single location for weeks, or perhaps even months, whereas most Naval vessels are continually patrolling or otherwise on the move. This will supposedly allow for commandos to better prepare for amphibious operations and act as a floating base or staging area for these soldiers.

A floating base has been a goal of the United States Special Operation Command (SOCOM) for years now, claiming that it would expand the effective range of commando squads who operate using small boats, especially in remote coastal areas.

The conversion of the USS Ponce will be used until the Navy is able to build a brand new Afloat Forward Staging Base and in a Pentagon budget priority document recently released it was indicated that they would fund the new project beginning in 2013.

I find it worth noting that The Washington Post highlighted that “U.S. military officials declined to say what prompted them to give the Ponce a sudden new lease on life. But contract and bidding documents underscore the urgency of the project,” which again makes me think that there might be a secondary agenda at work here.

While this is obviously pure speculation at this point, I think it is important to stress the fact that this aging vessel is being brought into the fray at a time when the West is looking for Iran to make a move in order to justify a strike.

This is emphasized by the fact that one no-bid contract for engineering work on the project said that the military was waiving the normal procurement procedures because any delay in the project supposedly presented a “national security risk.”

In the case of the contracts that are not no-bid, the Navy says all bids are due by February 3 and work is to begin just 10 days later.

One must wonder why a delay on this conversion could at all pose a national security risk and why this is being rushed in the manner that it is, contrary to typical military procedure.

There are many possibilities here but the likelihood of it being deployed to the Persian Gulf seems nearly cemented at this stage.

If you have any more information on this or would like to share your thoughts on this development please do not hesitate to contact me at  

TheIntelHub – Why Does the Military Seem to be Preparing for Urban Warfare in the United States?

The Intel HubBy Madison Ruppert – Editor of End the LieJanuary 29, 2012

Recently I published an article covering the January 22-26 multi-agency exercises being conducted in the Los Angeles area.

As I outlined in the article, this is in fact part of a broader trend of joint military-police drills (which often include other agencies, hence the “multi-agency” label) that have been occurring across the United States.

It seems hard to ignore the fact that the armed forces of the United States are training for urban warfare, not urban warfare in the Middle East, but instead here in our own nation.

This is becoming painfully clear due to the fact that the military trains for what they think they’re going to do.

If they are planning to fight in the desert, they would train in the desert and obviously if they are going to be fighting in a metropolitan setting in the United States, they would train in an American City.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what we are witnessing: increasing amount of training in urban American environments.

The Los Angeles drill is just a microcosmic example of this, and one of the more disturbing developments is the announcement of a “mock city roughly the size of downtown San Diego” which has been erected recently at the Twentynine Palms military base.

This is located northeast of San Diego and cost the taxpayer $170 million with the intention of training American military forces to wage urban warfare.

According to the Marine Corps, the facility boasts a staggering 1,560 buildings.

The Corps are quick to highlight that it “will allow troops to practice and refine skills that can be used around the world,” even though it is clearly aimed at preparing troops for warfare in the United States.

The reason this is quite obvious is that urban warfare is radically different depending on the country you are in. This is evidenced by similar mock cities being erected to mimic a city in Afghanistan, a training facility which would not help troops prepare for war in a large American City.

In fact, the article on Military.Com in which this project is detailed mentions the mock Afghan villages, while failing to point out that this is radically different from the previously erected training sites.

This new mock city “is one of the largest and most elaborate” with a whopping seven separate mock city districts spanning a massive 274 acres of desert.

There are fake hotels, markets and other businesses which boast actors who create scenarios to challenge the soldiers.

These scenarios reportedly range from humanitarian relief to peacekeeping missions to police work and, of course, direct combat missions, according to the Marine Corps.

This new facility will allow over 15,000 Marines and Sailors to simultaneously engage in training missions, which can even include operating in the nearly 1,900 feet of underground tunnels in the complex.

The massive mock city also includes a manmade riverbed, dozens of courtyards and compounds which will give trainees practice searching for escape tunnels, hiding spots and weapons caches in an urban environment.

The Associated Press claims that this is merely an expansion of the Mojave Viper training program, launched in 2005, which was aimed at preparing troops for deployment in Iraq.

Just a few months ago in November, the Marine Corps showed off their expansion of the mock Afghan village at Camp Pendleton which cost $30 million and almost quadrupled the size of the facility.

While connecting this new project with the facility at Camp Pendleton is quite inaccurate in my opinion, they do paint a bit of a different picture of the older facility by writing, “In that facility, Marines scramble through a maze of mud walls leading to mosques, schools and carpet sellers, as Hollywood-style explosions go off.”

They mention that “Similar immersion training facilities are slated to open this year at Marine Corps bases in North Carolina, Hawaii and Okinawa,” however they do not make it clear which facility these new ones are similar to.

Are these to be similar to the mock Afghan village with mud walls and mosques? Or will these be similar to the newer facilities which more closely relate to the environment of a large American City?

I think it is much more likely that these new facilities will be closer to an urban environment in the United States, rather than the relatively undeveloped Afghan or Iraqi villages.

This contention is also reflected in the more frequent nature of urban military drills as shown by the exercises in Los Angeles (about which some more specific details haveemerged), along with others in major urban areas.

Some other examples that come to mind are:Vibrant Response 12 conducted in August of last year at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Centerwhich involved “7,000 Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and DOD civilians responding to a simulated 10-kiloton nuclear detonation in Cincinnati,” military exercises in and around Boston in July of last year, mock night raids in Virginia on January 17, 2012, and more.

These urban warfare exercises are not restricted to the United States. Indeed, similar exercises have occurred in the United Kingdom this year as well.

The problem here is that downtown Los Angeles is nothing like the operational situations in Iraq or Afghanistan, although it would prepare the military for operations to be conducted in Los Angeles itself or any other large American City.

Thanks to a reader, I have also become aware of something called the MUTC.

The MUTC, or Muscatatuck Urban Training Center, is located in South Central Indiana’s Jennings County, which is near Butlerville.

According to the official website, operated by the National Guard, it “is a secluded, self contained community, once home to the Muscatatuck State Developmental Center.

The 1,000 acre site was turned over to the Indian National Guard in July of 2005 and since has been continually evolving into a full-immersion contemporary urban training environment.”

The MUTC seems very similar to the new facility being erected outside of San Diego, due to the fact that it boasts a 180 acre reservoir along with an urban environment which includes some 68 major buildings including: a school, hospital, dormitories, light industrial structures, single family dwellings, a dining facility and administrative buildings.

In total, there is 850,000 square feet of floor space for the military to train on along with an underground utility tunnel system and more than 9 miles of roads and streets.

MUTC does not only involve the military, indeed they say that it is a consortium which includes governmental, public and private entities who work together in order to give the personnel the most realistic training experience available.

Highlighting my grave concerns, which are shared by many of my readers, the MUTC website points out that this facility indeed provides, “Training that can be tailored to replicate both foreign and domestic scenarios and that can be utilized by various civilian and military organizations.”

It is likely quite obvious to my readers that this is focusing on domestic scenarios, as all of the recent military drills in actual urban environments have been doing.

A short list of those who use the MUTC includes: Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force and Special Operations Forces, State Emergency Management agencies, Federal Emergency Management Agencies, Federal Bureau of Investigations, State Departments of Health, National Air Patrol, Department of Homeland Security, State Counter-Terrorism Agencies, Law Enforcement agencies and much more.

Apparently pre-existing facilities like the MUTC aren’t enough for the military establishment, leading to new facilities being erected, older facilities being expanded and even more facilities to be unveiled this year.

The burning question this leaves unanswered is: why?

Why are they preparing to wage war with American citizens on our own turf?

There has been a large push to turn the American people into the enemy and training facilities like this, drills like the one in LA along with the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (NDAA) which opens us up to indefinite military detention on nothing more than suspicion.

I have previously written about the fact that all the pieces are in place which leaves me wondering: when will the hammer drop?

The question is left unanswered to this day and I continue to hope that I am totally off base here and that nothing will ever happen.

I hope beyond all hopes that all of this preparation, seemingly for warfare in the United States, is in fact totally innocuous and no such scenario will ever present itself.

Unfortunately, the military and government have shown that they usually know what they’re doing, even if they pretend they don’t when they’re put under scrutiny.

It is quite unlikely that these preparations are totally irrelevant and will not be used in any way.

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Chemtrails: 90 Minute Interview — Bill Gallagher — The Edge

Ozzy Bin Oswal – ‘Hugo Ildefonso is 9/11 victim Christopher Hanley’

Hugo Ildefonso is 9/11 victim Christopher Hanley


Hugo Ildefonso is 9/11 victim Christopher Hanley

Fake 9/11 victim Christopher Hanley* [r.] was portrayed by Hugo Ildefonso who I located while sifting through FB friends of Ellen Cleary Hall, who is depicted as one of the surviving family of another alleged 9/11 victim, Chris Allingham.

*I flipped the photo of Hanley left-right for the comparison.

“We have a conference up here and there’s about a hundred people up here.”

“He called his parents every morning, and at the request of a friend, he had recently agreed to be the godfather of the child of a couple he had never met.”

The FB friend association is:
Ellen Cleary Hall
Jeff Berman
Rick Biolsi
Brad Ong, whose photo shows Alan Valdes, who is another actor/victim suspect and whose apparent boyfriend is Hugo Ildefonso.

Hugo Ildefonso:

He’s been biking, morphing his form as they do, and calling himself Hugo Castro.