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Ozzy Bin Oswal – ‘Hugo Ildefonso is 9/11 victim Christopher Hanley’

Hugo Ildefonso is 9/11 victim Christopher Hanley


Hugo Ildefonso is 9/11 victim Christopher Hanley

Fake 9/11 victim Christopher Hanley* [r.] was portrayed by Hugo Ildefonso who I located while sifting through FB friends of Ellen Cleary Hall, who is depicted as one of the surviving family of another alleged 9/11 victim, Chris Allingham.

*I flipped the photo of Hanley left-right for the comparison.

“We have a conference up here and there’s about a hundred people up here.”

“He called his parents every morning, and at the request of a friend, he had recently agreed to be the godfather of the child of a couple he had never met.”

The FB friend association is:
Ellen Cleary Hall
Jeff Berman
Rick Biolsi
Brad Ong, whose photo shows Alan Valdes, who is another actor/victim suspect and whose apparent boyfriend is Hugo Ildefonso.

Hugo Ildefonso:

He’s been biking, morphing his form as they do, and calling himself Hugo Castro.



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