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"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of darkness."

The 9/11 Memorial – A Tribute to Demonic Forces

The 9/11 Memorial at the new WTC is a tribute to the demonic forces that brought about the 9/11 fiasco. ‘Reflecting Absence’ – an ominous title in itself – is the official name of the site given by the Israeli architect Michael Arad. Is this monument to death, destruction, and total mayhem just a normal effort towards healing and solace for the American people? Or is it representative of a conscious effort by demonic forces to create an everlasting image of despair – a bottomless pit ‘doubly’ indicative of the dark abyss?

9/11 National Memorial — 2011 (4 Days After 10th Anniversary Opening) – YouTube

On the face of it this video would seem to have been made by an amateur, but as we examine it a little more closely we can see that it is a well crafted propaganda piece that is intended to deceive. Many of the people featured in this intentionally schmaltzy ‘home video’ were there, not out of any true affiliation to the so-called ‘victims,’ but because they had seen their names and pictures on the thousands of ‘missing posters’ that had suddenly and mysteriously appeared on 9/11/2001 and shortly thereafter. Through this re-affirmation of the myth of the ‘missing posters’ the video shows how false the emotional connection really is, and the extent to which the American public is continually being manipulated and mind controlled with regard to what really happened.

The Memorial site itself further inculcates the tremendous lie that is being told –searing it into the American psyche – their total consciousness, as though to loudly proclaim “once and for all” that there is no denying that this really did happen. The Memorial is demonic in all respects, and while watching the video I became ill. I was very aware of that same demonic presence throughout.

The images below are taken from a more thorough ‘in depth analysis’ of the forbidding symbolism of what I call the “Fountains of Death” that is the 9/11 Memorial.

Go here for the full article – The SYMBOLISM of the 9-11 Memorial…_Memorial.html

View of the 3-foot lip, and the 30-foot fall into 
a ‘bottomless’ cubic void.

The Caballa Temple at Night. 33′ feet square of 
‘Illuminated water’ flowing into a Void. 
Caballa means cube = Kaaba 

Take note of the constantly flowing waters of the ‘Illuminated’ black pools as it falls into deep black, bottomless ‘cubic’ voids signifying death and despair. No signs of hope or of life will be found there. There are also many revealing images attached to the article and its very well worth the read.


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