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Strange Object Lights up Dallas Sky

Did anyone in the Dallas area see this last night? 

It appears to have been a meteor that exploded in the atmosphere.… 

DALLAS – Something strange and unusual shot across the Metroplex Wednesday night, leaving many people scratching their heads.

FOX 4 viewers began calling and emailing the station just after 8 p.m. to report an extremely bright light that zipped from west to east across the skyline. 

Some people said the object had a long tail and that it appeared to fall apart. Others said they heard or felt an explosion as it passed. 

Police, fire and weather officials all reported receiving a high volume of calls. 

FOX 4 Meteorologist Dan Henry believes based on witness reports and information from the American Meteor Society that the object was a bolide. A bolide is a fireball or very bright meteor. It explodes often with visible fragmentation and sometimes a sonic boom, according to AMS. 

Kevin Palivec in Hawley, Texas believes the same. His meteor detection cameras captured images of what he called a long-lasting and slow-moving fireball.… 

WFAA received more than 200 reports Wednesday night from people who said they saw what appeared to be a meteor streaking across the North Texas sky shortly after 8 o’clock. 

Many people also said they heard what sounded like a sonic boom (or booms) associated with the fireball, which was apparently witnessed all the way from San Antonio to Oklahoma City. 

The Federal Aviation Administration told TV station KWTX in Waco that it was a meteor. 

camera in Hawley, Texas that is designed to record the night sky shows a bright object briefly streaking across the image

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