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Monthly Archives: June 2012

The Strange Case of Harry Houdiniā€

Very interesting stuff here:

The thesis is that Harry Houdini was much more than a traveling magician — in fact, he was a covert intelligence operative serving a number of masters, and was connected to the deepest, most evil elements that make up the underlying control grid of the world. 

I recommend the entire Laurel Canyon series as well. These are the last two installments – it mostly covers Houdini and the strange cast of characters that surrounded him. It really is only a part of the series because Houdini once took up residence in Laurel Canyon. He would die on the Halloween of 1926 of a medical condition that is now acknowledged as nonexistent. No autopsy was performed. 

Exactly 33 (the sacred number of Freemasonry) years after his mysterious death (which came after an attempt on his life and odd deaths of many of his brothers and associates), on the Halloween of 1959, Houdini’s estate in Laurel Canyon burned down. Exactly 52 (Houdini’s age at the time of his death) years later, the Magic Castle (“Built as a Victorian mansion in 1908, the converted structure opened in 1963 as the Magic Castle, a rather creepy members-only club featuring hidden rooms and secret passageways”) in the Hollywood Hills“exploded into flames” on Halloween of 2011. The only room in the castle that was unscathed by the fire was reportedly – get this – the Houdini Room.

I don’t agree with Dave McGowan on everything, but this is some wild stuff. Some of his articles really make you wonder how big ‘the conspiracy’ really is.