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Virginia Tech #shooting victim reacts to #shooting in Colorado

Virginia Tech shooting victim reacts to shooting in Colorado

By Morgan Donnelly


“It is the most normal situation of your life turned into the worst day of your life in a half of second,” says Colin Goddard, a survivor of the Virginia Tech shootings.

The events of the shooting in Aurora Colorado unfolded on t.v. early Friday morning. Across the country, Goddard says he was reminded of the worst day of his life as he watched the news.

“I was like oh no, not again. And first brought me back to the shooting at Virginia Tech, the shooting I survived, a little more than five years ago. Think about that for a while and all the images floating back into your head,” says Goddard.

On April 16th, 2007, Goddard was in his classroom just like any other day, before Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people. Goddard says the parallels made it eerily easy to sympathize with the victims.

“They were in the most normal situation going to see a movie on Thursday night. What they experienced is anything they have seen in movies. It is not like what is shown on television, it is the most insane craziest moment of your life,” says Goddard.

Goddard says there is one major difference.

“Seung-Hui Cho is not longer here to answer the question why that happened, it is very difficult when the shooter is no longer alive,” says Goddard.   

Goddard says atleast with the alleged shooter arrested, there is hope some question may be answered, as the victims begin to go through a wave of emotions. And during this difficult time, Goddard offers his condolences to the victims.

“Know there are other people that have experienced something similar and have found a way to turn the worst day into something positive. You have to keep going, you have toe remember, never forget,” says Goddard.  


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