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“Good Samaritans” Stabbed Defending Preacher

(SEMMES, Ala.) – Two people were hospitalized and three people were detained following a stabbing Wednesday afternoon in the parking lot of the Semmes Wal Mart shopping center. 

Mobile County Sheriff’s Spokesperson Lori Myles said in a release that the incident started when a man and woman approached another man preaching in the parking lot. 

Traveling Preacher Gene Duffy said we was conducting his weekly ministry in the parking lot when he was confronted.

“They were cussing Jesus,” Duffy said, “and they were just saying, ‘Well, we hate that and your offending us.’ All I was doing was singing a song.

Authorities said that’s when the male subject threatened the preacher with a handgun, ordering him to stop preaching.

“The guy just walked up with no question,” Duffy said. “Just took a gun out of his pocket and held it to my head, and she was standing there holding this dagger.”

Mobile County Sheriff’s Detective Andrew Peak said that is when two “Good Samaritans” Kenneth Cushman and Steven Stuart, visiting a nearby credit union, stepped in.

“Came outside and told the two suspects to leave the preacher alone,” Peak said. “The two Good Samaritans were stabbed multiple times.”

Peak said Cushman and Stuart were both rushed to USA Medical Center with “severe” stab wounds to their backs. They’ve since been released from the hospital as of Wednesday night.

Deputies detained 16-year-old Rodger Chambliss, 26-year-old Jesse Reed and 53-year-old Sandra Jaram in connection with the crime. Officials said the three have not been arrested, or formally charged with the crime. 

“I’m just totally confident of God restoring those two men,” Duffy said of the two Good Samaritans. “Thank you, and more than me thanking you, may God continuously, richly bless and protect you and your entire family.”

Authorities said the incident is still under investigation. 



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