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"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of darkness."



I will now try and illustrate how the digital imagery of these psyops appears to be manufactured. A recurring problem with the psyop imagery emerges – as one starts comparing the available videos with the available stills of a given ‘event’. Much as we have seen with the 9/11 imagery, a close inspection of the Boston imagery (videos vs stills)reveals a number of subtle discrepancies in perspectives / synchronization – and more obvious ones, such as the smoke clouds compared below.
As we can see, the video frame and the still image are meant to represent pretty much the same moment in time: 


Now, let’s focus on the characters marked “A, B, C and D”, in the above image comparison. We can see them all running across the finish line in this Gif Loop below, extracted from a TV news video. Please take your time getting visually familiar with the four of them – and their respective paths and movements: 

Gif Loop:
Source video: 

Let’s start with character “D”: in the above STILL IMAGE we see this runner right up behind the left heel of Mr. “C” – almost as if about to crash into him. Now, watch the Gif Loop closely – and you’ll see that “D” never appears in such proximity in relation to “C” – but smoothly approaches “C” from the side before offering to help pushing the baby trolley.

What about character “A”? In the STILL IMAGE, she’s already way down left (of our view) of “B,C and D”, although the three have not yet crossed the marathon finish line (please note where the yellow finish line is meant to be – in the Gif Loop). So how can she appear to be so close to “B,C and D” in the video?

Now, lets focus on “P1”, which is that policeman we see turning his back to us in the STILL IMAGE. Surely, “P1” is meant to be that policeman we see (in the Gif Loop)turning around and sprinting right in front of the baby trolley? If not (and it’s meant to be a different cop)how come we cannot see “P1”anywhere in the video?

So what’s going on here? Well, once again, just as with the 9/11 imagery and countless other psyop image-pools analyzed on this forum, their related videos and still images simply do not match up: both cannot represent reality (and in all logic, neither one of them does). We can only conclude that these images are digital constructs. In fact, at close inspection, these constructs crumble into a pile of dust. Yes, there now exist wondrous (and potentially infallible) modern softwares to manufacture the visuals of such complex ‘events’ – but these digital tools still need the input of (fallible) human beings.

Lastly – there really is NO excuse for this sort of…uh…“video compression artifacts” :rolleyes: – NOT in 2013 !


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