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Another “Hero”: Joe Andruzzi

Another “Hero”: Joe Andruzzi

After “Carlos Arredondo” on the scene of bomb 1 acting as the hero, we have “cancer survivor” Joe Andruzzi (some football player or something, don’t ask me) on the scene of bomb 2, acting as hero.

Joe Andruzzi carrying some actress across the scene. From … 1696.story

The interesting part is that Joe Andruzzi was holding a fund raising* inside the Forum restaurant at the time of the second explosion:

Forum was in the midst of a fund-raiser for the Joe Andruzzi Foundation yesterday when the second bomb exploded in front of the restaurant’s patio at 755 Boylston St.
Today, owner Euz Azevedo started to pick up the pieces.
“I’m dealing with a lot right now, it’s not good,” said Azevedo, president of Boston Nightlife Ventures (…)
From … ong_heroes

His shirt does actually say “Run to Forum”.

You want to know more about how neat Joe Andruzzi is? Here it is:

Brother of three New York City firefighters who came to the aid of victims of the 9/11 attacks back in 2001, Andruzzi acted in a similar manner during this tragedy, carrying an injured woman to safety amid the chaos.
From … 1696.story

’nuff said. <_<

* Talking about fund raising, here is a summary of some the fund grabbing operations started to capitalize on the “bombing”: … pdates.php

The woman that Joe Andruzzi “saved” seems to have gotten around: I wonder who carried the woman first, Joe, or the young girl?

full link:


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