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Gabby Giffords/JFK library and Mandarian Oriental Hotel

That’s right. He’s a more ‘up-to-date’ timeline: … on-bombing

On the day, a third blast was initially reported, but the story was adapted over time. Since then, we’ve been informed that the fire that broke out on the day at Boston’s JFK presidential library might have been a coincidence, not a third bomb. I haven’t found any recent news item concerning this third alleged incident. However, we’re talking John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, which brings us right back to our favourite SIM heroine, Gabby Giffords!

Image … ement.aspx


I’m sure that will be a very emotional experience for the nation. :puke: 

Anyway, at least two more explosive devices were supposedly found later on, near the scene of the Boston marathon explosions. They were spotted inside Boston’s Mandarin and Lenox hotels according to the EMS, and these venues were subsequently evacuated. Again, we haven’t heard much else since: … 013?Page=0


Interestingly, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group (Boston hotel pictured above) is owned by Jardine Matheson Holdings Ltd, which is one of the original Hong Kong trading houses or Hongs that date back to Imperial China and the ‘Opium Wars’ of 1840.

Jardine Matheson is controlled by the Scottish Keswick family, who are direct descendants of William Jardine’s sister Jean. The Keswicks have maintained a relationship with another prominent Scottish family, the Flemings, of which the Bond author Ian Fleming was also a member:


After leaving Oxford University, current British PM David Cameron went to Hong Kong to work for Jardine Matheson.



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