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Boston ‘Perp-Spectives’ – CluesForum


I’ve had some more fun with this “Boston-Bombing” computer imagery. Fascinating stuff!

So here’s a 2009 Goo-gle maps view of Boylston street – past the finish line and looking down towards the “bomb area”:


Here’s an image purportedly snapped on ‘bombing day’. I’ve just drawn an “A<—>B” vector between two given points:
Image … istan.html

Here’s another purported picture of ‘bombing day’. Compare “A<—>B” vector with the image above. Just a question of deceptive perspectives / focal distorsion, perhaps? Hmm, I’d say that’s highly doubtful – but let’s get on. Next, I have a question for Bostoners: What exactly are we seeing down in the distance there, at upper left ? (area marked ^^^?^^^)

See, here’s a Goo-gle map photo from 2009. So my simple question is: has this city-view changed this much since then?
I find it rather unlikely – what with that antique building/rooftop (a church?)- but Im quite happy to stand corrected.

Lastly, here’s the funniest thing: I tried stacking cars upon each other on this other Goo-gle map view – but I needed only three of them to get up this high (compare with the five police cars in above image). Of course, I copy-pasted cars from within both images – so as to respect all relative proportions:


Source: CluesForum


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