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“Bucks For Bauman” $cam

“Bucks For Bauman” $cam

Confirmed beyond all doubt that none of these “fund raising” sites for Boston “bombing” vicsims could possibly be created by any well-meaning dupes. It is now perfectly clear that they are all perp-generated, controlled and very carefully managed. 

The following message to test “Brooke Gibbs”, the supposed creator of that “Bucks For Bauman” fund raiser page, via the contact form (using an alternate email for reply) 21 hours ago:

Dear Ms Gibbs,

As you state on your “Bucks For Bauman” page that Jeff is a “dear friend” of yours, I was wondering if you could possibly provide any proof that you actually know him in real life. I’m sorry to have to ask what may seem a strange question, but due to innumerable discrepancies in the media stories and images of reported events at the Boston Marathon, I’m sure you can understand why most thinking people would require verification before contributing to (or promoting) any fund raising efforts based only on hearsay.

Since we all know the media is notorious for getting facts wrong and even fabricating details and images to promote a story, if you could show me something to confirm that Jeff Bauman is not just another media creation it would be most appreciated.

Yours sincerely,


Still no response — although only 2 hours after this was sent “Charles Dumont” commenter appeared on the Bauman page also asking for “proof” & quickly convinced by a stranger’s familial claims, hearsay & media endorsements:

What a coincidence, eh? Image Not! 

Note: you can’t post a comment without linking to your Fakebook account (so they can track exactly who you are):

Here’s a selection from the comments to show how cunningly managed it all is, with a dash of Controlled Opposition (i.e. anything but media fakery, of course) :

Reference 9/11:


Backstopper story for the EMT “help”:

#1 Backstopper for “family/friends”:

#2 “Cousin”:

AP perp: 

#3 “Cousin” & another stooge quickly manages “Doubters” (real & contrived):

Purported “doubter” conveniently converted:

Now, if this were a real, pre-existing “photo” of the “Boom” man, why would it be manipulated at all?

Jeffrey’s Exif Viewer (zoom on viewer for comparison)

What is the yellow streak down the right cheek? Note: when any real photo of a face is lightened (gamma increased), it washes out evenly, never like this:


And they always have trouble with shadows; how can a shadow of the little finger be created by that angle of sunlight? :rolleyes: 


Continuous red outlines when lightened = PhotoShop



2 responses to ““Bucks For Bauman” $cam

  1. fuckyou May 2, 2013 at 1:28 pm

    you, sir, are an unmitigated ass. go f**k yourself.

  2. Don't worry about it June 14, 2013 at 5:49 am

    Nice writeup. Something definitely seems fishy.

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