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DISINFO/DIVERSION ALERT! – Boston Bombings were ‘Faked’ not ‘Staged’


Please be aware that the PsyOp perpetrators’ most effective defense weapon is WORDS, i.e. conceptual meanings and connotations.

It is now abundantly evident that the buzz-bomb word the controlled disinfo clowns are using to confuse & protect the Boston Hoax from exposure now is “staged” — we must avoid it.

Note: The alleged “EMT” quoted previously, not only promoted the “staged” with “actors” story but didn’t even clarify the critical time factor for femoral artery bleed out=death. The medical sources and specific military study I cited stated “45 seconds”.

This operation was clearly FAKED, not “staged” in the normal sense with pre-filmed “live actors” playing “bomb victims” (as reinforced via “Reality TV” & “training drills”), but entirely pre-fabricatedwith CGI video techniques (layering, compositing, rendering) from templates & motion capture software. So any “actors” are very few; only appearing/heard afterwards in contrived “interviews” to give credence to the animated movie clips and composite “photos” — which probably also include “Avatar-style” rendering disguise. e.g. the “Gabby Giffords” S1m0ne!

Remember, the first casualty in these attacks on our social/cultural perceptions is language: terms and meanings are hijacked to steer and corral all doubters into easily dismissed “loony” associations; e.g. “conspiracy theorist”, “no-planer”, “truther”, “inside job”, “false flag”, etc.

It is important to understand why clear, comprehensible language is used when discussing this info — not only for literate credibility, but to comprehend the insidious purpose of parroting propagandised terms.

Let’s choose our words with care and remain vigilant to keep our investigations on track :)

Source: CluesForum


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