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Former CSIS Watch Dog – “Why didn’t they prevent it ?? How did CSIS miss them ??”

Oct 23rd, 2014
Ron Atkey is a law professor at Osgoode Hall at York University where he teaches national security law. He was also the first chair of the Security Intelligence Review Committee – an independent agency of the government that oversees CSIS.

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Ron Atkey: “I always think of terms of trying to prevent something before it happens, through good security intelligence and the question that raised in my mind. Is our security agencies working in cooperation with the police, had information about these individuals – why didn’t they prevent it ?? How did CSIS miss them ?? they are supposed to be the people who have all the information, about people on watch lists. And taking into account certain things that can be passed onto the police to prevent from it occurring. Prevention is always better than after the event.”


Anna Maria Termonti: “Now the legislation that the government had been poised to bring in yesterday, or to uh atleast introduce yesterday – would have done some of that, would it not have ??”

Ron Atkey: “Yes, its very ironic, they wanna bring in the powers that are necessary. The very acts, they are trying to prevent, occur.”


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