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I am a Christian, and Christmas is not of my faith.

December 25th 2014, is the day that I finally accept something that i’ve been quietly denying in the back of my mind for years. As a true gospel following bible believing Christian. Christmas is not of my faith.

I cannot ignore the facts anymore. The facts concerning the absence of any type of ‘Christ-mass’ celebration anywhere in the pages of the bible. Nor can I ignore the absence of any type of direct command from Jesus Christ to his followers to observe his birthday.

Beyond this, I can no longer support the countless amounts of mega wealthy, multi-national corporations that make their biggest profits during this time of year. Companies that have increasingly promoted Christmas as a chance for special commercialized advertising campaigns and new product placements.

Meanwhile, good hearted, well meaning people go in debt during this time to please their children and relatives with expected gifts. Which in turn motivates other people to give gifts in return. The gifts our children, nieces and nephews had asked of Santa Claus. These meaningless and mostly useless purchases create a financial burden on us all.

The Bible teaches it is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts:20:35). During Christmas time, you see little joy in giving and children always eagerly expecting to receive. The real Christian believes that Godly blessings come from carefully obeying God. Not from a gift card or petty possessions.

This is all behavior that makes no real sense at all, and has no true meaning as a ‘spiritual holiday.’ Seeing as nothing about what ‘Christmas’ represents is at all biblical in any sense of the word. A celebration that can not be found anywhere historically in biblical times, promotes perpetuating lies to children and puts people in a exponential cycle of debt. All of this blinds people to what Christ really taught.

In fact, celebrating Christmas violates at least the First, Second and Third Commandments of God’s Ten Commandments. Observing a pagan holiday is a sin. God condemns the worship of pagan gods.

A true Christian (follower of the biblical gospel) wouldn’t even dignify these ‘holidays’ as a Christian celebration to begin with. Historically, there is simply no evidence that the early apostolic Church observed Christmas or tried to ‘Christianize’ a pagan festival that predated Christ’s birth. Research shows that early, pre-catholic Christians never even celebrated Christ’s birthday at all. Period. Let alone on December 25th.

It was only until the year 338 when Roman Catholic Pope Julius I declared it to be the official recognized date of the birth of Jesus Christ. the Romans (the ones who killed Jesus 338 years or so prior) declared that date forever to be known as ‘Christmas’ However, this is a total perversion of the true Christian teaching. Let me explain.

The date of December 25th comes from Rome and was a celebration of the Italic god, Saturn, and the rebirth of the sun god. Again, this was done long before the birth of Jesus.

It was noted by pagans, that daylight began to increase after December 22nd, These ancients believed that the sun god rose from the dead three days later as the new-born and venerable sun.

Thus is the root of the original bastardization and perversion of true Christianity.

The Bible does not command people to observe the birth of Christ as a holiday. Again, Dec. 25, is the date that has been observed for centuries as a pagan holiday in honor of the pagan sun god. God commands those who want to serve Him not to observe pagan celebrations or any custom that breaks his holy laws. The Romans (The sames ones who killed Jesus) celebrated “the new sun” on December 25th.

So therefor, claiming that Christmas is a ‘purely Christian holiday’ is actually not factually accurate at all and simply does not take the history of the occasion into consideration… Also, it’s acceptance as a Christian celebration actually helps perpetuate the two thousand year perversion and bastardization of true Christianity.

Jesus Christ Himself and the apostles and early Church knew what the Scriptures said about trying to use other religions’ practices to worship and honor God. It just doesn’t work; God expects better from us. God tells us to avoid the ways of the ancient pagans. Though modern Christianity observes Christmas. However, Christmas is pagan. Christmas is a lie. Christmas is a substitute for righteous behavior. It makes people think they are doing good things for God, when they toil in sin.

Most people who claim to be Christian frankly have never looked into the Bible and it’s history to learn for themselves the true origins of Christmas. It’s an eye-opening fact that people would rather toil in human traditions that have no basis in the Bible than to embrace the gospel for it’s word.

Sadly, most people who claim to be Christian do not want to ask the obvious questions. For example, how does the use of Santa Claus depict the birth of Christ? How does the Christmas tree depict Christ?

Think of the songs we sing, ‘O Tannenbaum’ and ‘Oh! Christmas Tree.’ Singing to a tree as though it were alive and had some strange power. Decorating it and placing gifts below the tree as though the gifts and good feeling emanated from and through the tree. A quick encyclopedia search will uncover that the origins of the Christmas tree, its ornaments and giving of Christmas gifts come from ancient Roman festivals. Also, that the Christmas tree represents idolatry, which is a sin.

Think about the words to ‘Silent Night, Holy Night,’ a truly beautiful piece of music. Now think about the shepherds and their flocks in the blooming fields on a lovely mild evening… at the end of December. This is a complete contradiction, Jerusalem has rain and cold that time of year, it sometimes even snows in the region. Sheep are sheltered in the wintertime, not left out in inclement weather.

It’s all one big red lie. And for this matter I can not celebrate something that has nothing to do with my spiritual belief. Further I firmly believe that people that do claim to be of the Christian faith, can not – and should not, partake in the celebration of “Christmas”

Simply put, Christmas, and all of it’s false worship. Can not be redeemed.


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