This Is A Spark Of Life.

"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of darkness."

9/11 photojournalist was at Stade De France during Paris terror event.


Steve McCurry, the “photojournalist” who took the iconic “Afghan girl” photo, had a great view of the WTC towers on September 11, and took many photos at ground zero. According to him,

I’d gotten back from a month in Tibet at 8 p.m. on September 10. So on the morning of September 11 I’d been back about 12 hours. I live by Washington Square Park, and my office has a view of Lower Manhattan. I was there, going through mail with my assistant, when we got a phone call saying that the World Trade Center was on fire. I looked out my window and saw both towers were on fire.

I got my camera bag and went up on the roof of my building and started photographing the towers. We didn’t even know it was a plane, because we were up on the roof without the radio or TV. We all thought it was a fire that would eventually be put out—a terrible disaster, I mean both towers were on fire. I figured I’d shoot it from my roof for about 20 minutes and then go down to the base.

And then they just fell.

How convenient that he was also at the National Stadium in Paris last night!

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