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Man who shot and killed 7 year old at soccer practice ‘believed someone was trying to perform mind control on him.’ – Police

Police: 7-year-old girl shot to death after soccer practice
Mon December 7, 2015



A 7-year-old girl died and her mother was injured after police said the two were gunned down by a family friend at the girl’s soccer practice.

Emma Watson Nowling, 7, and her mother, Sharon Elizabeth Watson, 37, were shot inside of their vehicle in the parking lot of a sports complex in Taylor, Michigan on December 3, police said in a news release.

They were allegedly shot by Timothy Nelson Obeshaw, 57, as they were preparing to leave the parking lot, according to the news release.

Obeshaw first shot the 7-year-old girl before opening fire on her mother. He then shot and killed himself, police said. A 9 mm pistol was found at the scene.

The little girl was transported to Children’s Hospital of Detroit with life-threatening injuries, where authorities said she was later pronounced dead. Her mother was taken to an area hospital in serious condition.

Authorities believe Obeshaw was a friend of the family’s. He had attended the girl’s soccer practices in the past and was seen acting friendly towards the girl and her mother before the attack, according to police.

“Obeshaw had been seen at the beginning of the practice embracing the young girl,” Chief of Police Mary Sclabassi said during a news conference. “She was embracing him back.”

Police still do not have a motive for the shootings, but witnesses and family members told police Obeshaw had started becoming mentally unstable and paranoid within the past year.

Detectives “found evidence that Obeshaw believed someone was trying to perform mind control on him,” Sclabassi said during the news conference. Sclabassi said there was also evidence indicating Obeshaw “thought someone was out to get him.”

“Unfortunately, this man’s apparent mental illness led to a little girl who just wanted to play soccer never going home again,” Sclabassi said.


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